New Media

April 2024

Autism is a World (VOD)
Straightlaced - How Gender's Got Us All Tied Up (VOD)

Invitation to Dance - Disability in 21st Century America (VOD)
Where is Hope? - The Art of Murder: Police Brutality Against People with Disabilities (VOD)

Oppenheimer (DVD)

Black Orpheus (VOD)

Abandoned in Death (CD)
Anyone But You (DVD)
Chaos in Death (CD)
Creation in Death (CD)
Fast and Furious Collection (DVD)
Five Easy Pieces (Blu-Ray)
Five Easy Pieces (DVD)
Gershwin Rhapsody (CD)
Imitation in Death (CD)
Immediate Family (DVD)
The Iron Claw (DVD)
JD Robb CD Collection 3 (CD)
Kung Fu Panda (DVD)
Majestic Life of Queen Elizabeth II (DVD)
60 / Ennio Morricone (CD)
Remember When? (CD)
Wednesday Season 1 (DVD)

American Hospitals: Healing a Broken System (DVD)

Little Italy (DVD)
What You Gonna Do When the World's On Fire? (VOD)
Whose Streets? (VOD)

Occupational Therapy
The Wisdom of Trauma (VOD)

Physical Therapy
Complaints of a Dutiful Daughter (VOD)

Political Science
20 Days in Mariupol (DVD)
No Bears / Khers nist (DVD)

Freud's Last Session (DVD)

Not Done: Women Remaking America (DVD)
The Codes of Gender: Identity + Performance in Pop Culture (VOD)

Women's Studies
A Thousand and One (DVD)
Lipstick Under My Burkha (DVD)

World Languages and Cultures
200 Meters (DVD)
The Dinner Game (VOD)


March 2024

Communications and Media
Consuming Kids (VOD)

The Pirates of Penzance (DVD)
Ondine (DVD)

Spider-man, Across the Spider-verse (DVD)
The Book of Clarence (DVD)
Father of the Bride (1950) (DVD)
Ford vs Ferrari (DVD)
I Am Woman (DVD)
Leap Year (DVD)
Poor Things (DVD)
Priscilla (Blu-Ray)
The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds & Snakes (DVD)
The Miracle Club (DVD)
The Quiet Girl (DVD)
The Sandpiper (1965) (DVD)
Wonka (DVD)

Marie Antoinette: The Tragic Queen (DVD)
Italians in America: The Journey Home (DVD)
Little Italy (DVD)
They Came for Good - Present at the Creation 1654-1820 (A History of the Jews in the United States) (DVD)
They Came for Good - Taking Root 1820-1880 (A History of the Jews in the United States) (DVD)

Political Science
20 Days in Mariupol (DVD)

Miss Representation (VOD)

Women's Studies
Carmen Jones (DVD)
She's Gotta Have It (DVD)

World Languages and Cultures
The Color Purple 2023 (DVD)

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