Information Literacy Stipends 2018

Two Information Literacy Stipends were awarded for 2018. Project descriptions and final reports where available are found below:

Dr. Debra Fetherman, Associate Professor and Director of the Community Health Education Program, was awarded an information literacy stipend for the benefit of students in the course Health Education: Theory, Research and Practice (CHED 310, EPW). Through information literacy instruction by a librarian, students will learn to effectively search selected library databases and Google Scholar, evaluate results, and properly format their research to adhere to APA citation standards. This instruction will support a class assignment requiring a literature review of a specific health problem. Students will identify a health behavior theory related to their chosen problem and explain through research and synthesis how the theory could be applied to modify the behavior.

Collaborating Librarian is Kelly Banyas, Assistant Professor.
Read Dr. Fetherman's final report.

Students in Assistant Professor Dr. Adam Pratt’s course Digital History (HIST 190, FYDT, FYOC) will conduct research in order to prepare individual papers and group presentations and learn to analyze the research process through completion of their projects. Engaging the support of a librarian, the class will learn to search for resources efficiently and to be flexible when searches do not result as anticipated. Students will choose an issue in the University’s history to research and be grouped according to similarities in topic; they will then collaborate to create a web page representing a larger time period of University history. Each student will write a reflection paper discussing their personal research process and each group will give an oral presentation contrasting that process with the challenges of working as a group.

Collaborating Librarian is George Aulisio, Associate Professor.
Read Dr. Pratt’s final report.

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