Information Literacy Stipends 2009

Two Information Literacy Stipends were awarded for 2009. Project descriptions and final reports where available are found below:

Professional Contribution (HRA 507) capstone course is the final core course taken by graduate students for the completion of their Masters degree in Human Resources Administration. It will be taught by Dr. Terri Freeman Smith, Assistant Professor in Health Administration & Human Resources, and will be offered in an online format via the ANGEL course management system. Objectives include gaining practical and factual knowledge regarding the difference between professional resources and scholarly (peer) resources; developing research skills using library databases and professional websites; and developing skills in analyzing and presenting the results of research in the APA format using E-portfolio posting in the ANGEL system.

Collaborating Librarian is Bonnie Oldham, Assistant Professor.
Read Dr. Freeman Smith's final report.

Students in Feminism: Theory and Practice (PHIL 218), taught by Dr. Sharon Meagher, will understand how to engage in research on issues concerning feminist theory and practice, and will learn now to evaluate research sources as well as claims made by the popular media. They will learn how to evaluate websites critically and know how to research to determine if the information presented is up-to-date and accurate. Students will be assessed on their ability to find appropriate resources on feminism and to evaluate their quality by evaluating student assignments keyed to various ACRL competency standards.

Collaborating Librarian is Donna Mazziotti (Witek), Assistant Professor.
Read Dr. Meagher's final report.

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