Information Literacy Stipends 2006

Six Information Literacy Stipends were awarded for 2006. Project descriptions and final reports where available are found below:

In this project Dr. S. P. Chattopadhyay will formalize a component of the Marketing Research (MKT 301) a junior level course, that will bridge stated programmatic objectives mandated by AACSB (accrediting body for business programs at KSOM) and information literacy standards mandated by the Middle States accreditation standards. Previously, Librarian Betsey Moylan covered activities related to this project in a class presentation, which was followed by Dr. Chattopadhyay’s “short” exercises. The present project will create a companion teaching-assessment module that will be linked to the specific curriculum and program level outcomes.

Collaborating Librarian is Betsey Moylan, Associate Professor.
Read Dr. Chattopadhyay's final report.

Students in The Craft of the Historian (HIST 140), taught by Dr. Roy Domenico, will learn to evaluate authoritative web resources using designated criteria. Library instruction will help the students distinguish among primary, secondary, and tertiary resources for research in history. Students will be able to correctly format resources for a bibliography that contains electronic resources and journals.

Collaborating Librarian is Clara Hudson, Assistant Professor.
Read Dr. Domenico's final report.

Dr. Terri Freeman Smith teaches a Human Resources (HRA 502) survey course of the human resources functions within an organization and their implications for line and staff personnel. It is intended to provide the graduate student with: (a) an overview of the human resources function in organizational settings, (b) an introduction to available campus information systems, and (c) an introduction to current available research resources available for success in the program. The course will draw upon both current HR practices and relevant research. The aim of incorporating information literacy into this course is to create an environment that strengthens the self-efficacy level of the adult learner returning to school and for future success as an HR practitioner.

Collaborating Librarian is Clara Hudson, Assistant Professor.
Read Dr. Freeman Smith's final report.

Students in Dr. Argyrios Varonides course, The Solar System (PHYS 101), will be responsible for preparing a research paper on a specific astronomical (only Solar System related) topic.  Each student will be responsible for a thorough review of the assigned topic thus they will have a chance to practice information literacy skills as they (a) define the need for "further research" (b) design a search strategy (c) effectively isolate in the information needed (d) assess search results through scholarly papers and books, and (e) develop a final report regarding the conclusions of the search.

Collaborating Librarian is Katie Duke, Associate Professor.
Read Dr. Varonides's final report.

Dr. Loreen Wolfer plans to implement information literacy in the class Introduction to Sociology (SOC 110) by developing a self-administered tutorial specific to various area of sociology. This literacy will benefit sociology majors as well as other social science majors; and, the skills learned in this course could be later applied to more rigorous upper level sociology courses.

Collaborating Librarian is Clara Hudson, Assistant Professor.
Read Dr. Wolfer's final report.

All the Students in the Spanish Composition (SPAN 312) classes will complete a series of exercises/activities designed to teach them the necessary information literacy skills for completion of a research paper in Spanish. Students will have a choice of doing their paper on artists, early indigenous groups or revolutionary historical figures. As students perform these activities/exercises they will simultaneously be doing the research needed to complete their own papers. Students will be registered for to submit their draft papers for evaluation of original content. Faculty include Dr. Sergio Ramírez-Franco, Fulbright Teaching Assistant Germán Zárate Sández, and Dr. Linda Ledford-Miller, Chair Foreign Languages.

Collaborating Librarian is Kevin Norris, Assistant Professor.
Read Dr. Ledford-Miller's final report.

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