Bonnie W. Oldham Library Research Prize Tips

Bonnie W. Oldham Library Research Prize


Tips to help you describe the research project

Your description of the research project should be 500-700 words describing your research strategies and use of library tools and resources.

In addition to reviewing the selection criteria, it may be helpful to keep in mind the following questions as you reflect on your library research experience.

  • Were you surprised by any part of the research process or by any library resources?
  • What did you discover about the tools and techniques for research in the library that you did not know before you began your project?
  • What did you learn about the process of finding and evaluating information on your topic—or in your discipline?
  • What discoveries did you make in the library by serendipity? And which through carefully planned search strategies?
  • Did you keep a journal or log of your research?
  • What lessons about the research process did you take away from the experience?

Note: These tips are offered to guide, not inhibit, your reflection. You are not required to address them specifically.