Daniel J. West, Jr., Ph.D., B.S., M.Ed.


Dr. West is a Professor in the Department of Health Administration and Human Resources, University of Scranton. He teaches in the Graduate School and The University of Scranton and has specialized in international health care, globalization, multiculturalism, and diversity management. He holds a Professor in Public Health appointment at Trnava University, Slovakia and a Visiting Professor appointment at the University of Matej Bel in Slovakia. He recently appointed Affiliated Faculty at Tbilisi State Medical University, Department of Public Health and Health Management, Tbilisi, Georgia. He is President and Chief Executive Officer of HTC Consulting Group, Inc. He is a Certified Healthcare Consultant with the American Association of Healthcare Consultants, and board certified in healthcare management by the American College of Healthcare Executives. He is a dedicated and hardworking teacher, consultant and scholar who has achieve success and been recognized for his accomplishments in international healthcare projects and activities in Central Europe and Eurasia. 

Dr. West has been a CEO for a hospital, medical practice and several health care businesses.  In addition to 30 years of health care management, consulting and leadership experience, Dr. West maintains Fellowship with the American College of Healthcare Executives, American College of Medical Practice Executives, American Academy of Medical Administrators, American College of Health Care Administrators, American Academy of Behavioral Medicine, and Association of Behavioral Healthcare Management.  He serves on the Board of Directors for the Health Care Management Forum of Northeastern Pennsylvania and the Regents Advisory Council for Northeast Pennsylvania.  Other Board memberships include the Healthy Northeast Pennsylvania Initiative, Scranton Temple Residency Program, Medical Advisory Board of the International Brain Trauma Association, Scranton Temple Residency Program IRB, and the Behavioral Health Research Institute.  He is recognized as in International Fellow at The University of Scranton and serves on several University committees.

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