The Student Chapter of ACHE

About Us


We serve as The University of Scranton’s Student Chapter of The American College of Healthcare Executives

Our mission is to:

  • Meet students' needs for professional development, leadership growth, and educational advancement
  • Promote involvement with ACHE
  • Sustain and improve the continued excellence of the graduate program

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Mentor Program

Students are encouraged to take part in the Mentor-Mentee Program

We pair first year students with second year students to:

  • Facilitate networking
  • Allow first year students to obtain valuable advice from second year students regarding the program, coursework, and career planning

ACHE Activities

Welcome Back Mixer

Typically the first event of the year, current first and second year students meet at a local restaurant to socialize, make new friends, and meet everyone in their program. 

Residency Panel

Every year, the ACHE Student Chapter asks 4-5 MHA alumni to return to discuss their experiences during their residency and fellowships. This is a great way for students to network and reconnect with MHA alumni. 

International Dinner 

The International Dinner is a potluck event held each year where students and faculty are invited to prepare and present dishes that reflect their heritage and nationalities.

Holiday Networking Social

Each year, the Holiday Networking Social brings together current MHA students and MHA alumni to network and discuss the latest topics in healthcare. 

Annual Spring Barbecue 

Dr. Spinelli hosts the Annual Spring Barbecue at his home outside of Scranton each year, giving MHA students and faculty the chance to interact outside of the program.

MHA Alumni Society Golf Tournament 

For students that are interested, the MHA Alumni Society golf tournament is held in the spring. At this event, students and faculty join teams and enjoy a competitive round of golf.