Health Administration: International Partnerships & Study Abroad

Study Abroad Trips

Since 1995, the Department and MHA Program have developed international partnerships in Central and Eastern Europe, Asia, and East Africa.

  • International faculty give guest lectures in classes, and students are encouraged to expand their global awareness and life experiences with other cultures.
  • Specific coursework offers additional opportunities for students to study and engage in international activities. 
  • The MHA program provides graduate students with the option of taking a 3 credit elective course, HAD 517: Global Health Management, a 10-day study abroad experience.
Currently, students have the option to travel to Eastern Europe, Brazil, or Uganda
  • Eastern Europe trip runs twice annually in late May and in early October.
  • Brazil or Uganda trips run once in January during intersession. 

2020 Trip to Uganda

In January 2020, students from the MHA program traveled to Uganda, Africa for a 3-credit Global Health Issues course. Over the 16 days, students were immersed into the Ugandan culture. They had the opportunity to work with the local Ugandan people, observe healthcare leaders in 5 organizations as well as participate in a two-day safari.

2020 Trip to Brazil

In January 2020, five MHA students, accompanied by nine students from Geisinger and three professors, went on a 10-day study abroad trip to Brazil. The group toured hospitals to gain a better understanding of the Brazilian healthcare system. They presented their research at the INCA where they engaged with students, physicians, and other healthcare executives. Their presentations ranged from topics such as primary care, transplants, and long-term care in Brazil. 

2019 Trip to Slovakia

At the end of September, four MHA students traveled to The Slovak Republic for an educational trip on European Health Systems. Dr. Dan West and Dr. Steve Szydlowski led the trip, hosted by Dr. Vladimir Krcmery. Students had the opportunity to present research to multiple audiences at St.Elizabeth University. Students had the privilege of touring Misericordia Hospital, attending academic presentations, meeting the State Secretary of The Ministry of Health, and touring other healthcare facilities. They also toured historical sites in five countries.

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