Health Administration and Human Resources
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Health Administration and Human Resources Department

What We Do:

Our department is committed to a learning environment that integrates theory and practice, supports the importance of reflection and discernment, encourages interdisciplinary teamwork and teaches students to look for opportunities to improve the quality of life for others. 

We prepare future managers and leaders in health care and human resources who can enter their chosen profession at the operational level and advance quickly in their careers.

How We Stand Out:

  • Real-world exposure through student membership of professional organizations and conference presentations
  • The University’s first joint MHA/MBA program
  • Close partnerships with universities around the globe
  • Faculty with applied health care experiences
  • A large international faculty with applied experience
  • Study abroad courses and opportunities encourage
  • Values-based education based on Jesuit principles

We think about our community globally, not just locally. That’s why we have projects in several countries around the world, why we partner with other universities.

Daniel West Jr., Ph.D., professor and chair



  • Health Administration (HADM) – This program prepares managers to plan, organize, direct, control or coordinate medicine and health services in hospitals, clinics, nursing care facilities, physicians’ offices, insurance industries and free-standing health care facilities.
  • Human Resources (HR) – This is an interdisciplinary program that integrates knowledge from the human resources field, social and behavioral sciences, business and the liberal arts. 


Both online programs are perfect for working professionals or people in the armed forces.

  • Master of Health Administration (HAD) and Master of Health Administration Online (MHO) – These programs provide local, regional and international students with a comprehensive, practical and interdisciplinary set of core competencies, knowledge, skills and values for health administration jobs in a variety of organizations.
  • Human Resources Online (HRO) – This online program offers a curriculum that was developed using the core HR body of knowledge, integrates the most up-to-date research and incorporates human resource best practices to illustrate how HR professionals achieve organizational goals.

Meet Our Faculty:

Our faculty members serve as positive role models for students through networking, mentoring, advising, coaching, teaching and scholarship. Full-time and adjunct faculty—former or current hospital CEOs for example—bring their wealth of practical experience into the classroom and serve as preceptors for fieldwork. In addition, we have both affiliated and permanent international faculty, enabling students to think globally and—consistent with our Jesuit mission—contribute in a meaningful way to build a better, broader world.

We encourage students to develop research ideas, participate in study abroad opportunities, attend national events and expand learning opportunities.

Just a few examples:

  • Dr. Robert Spinelli has helped grow the Health Administration (HADM) program. As program director he helped place 96% of HADM students after graduation. He has been employed in the health care field all of his professional career and spent 26 years as a Hospital/Health Care System CEO.     
  • Dr. Ken Zula (assistant professor) helped develop the Society for Human Resource Management competency based the Human Resources Online curriculum and achieved high placement rates for the Human Resources program. He has worked in the field of health care administration, nonprofit management and human resources for more than 12 years.
  • Dr. Steve Szydlowski MBA ’00, MHA ’01 (graduate Health Administration program director), who writes and speaks about global health issues, health care management and community health, has led study abroad efforts in Brazil and the development of a global health specialization within the MHA program.

Daniel J. West, Ph.D., FACHE


Department Chair

Professor, Health Administration

B.S., The Pennsylvania State University
M.Ed., The Pennsylvania State University
Ph.D., The Pennsylvania State University

Phone: (570) 941-4126
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Michael M. Costello, MA, MBA, J.D.


Assistant Professor, Health Administration
Online Graduate Health Administration Program Director
Faculty Specialist

B.S., University of Scranton
M.A., Ohio University
M.B.A., University of Scranton
J.D., Southland University

Phone: 570-941-4350
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Rita DiLeo, MPA, CRA, RT(R)


Faculty Specialist, Health Administration

B.S., University of Scranton
M.P.A., Marywood University
ABD, University of Alabama (D.H.A. Expected-Graduation Aug. 2017)

Phone: (570) 941-7598
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Margaret Koehler, MBA


Fieldwork Specialist, Health Administration

B.S., University of Scranton
M.B.A., University of Scranton

Phone: 570-941-7636
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William Miller, Ph.D., MHA

Fieldwork Specialist, Health Administration

B.S., Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania
M.H.A., The Pennsylvania State University
Ph.D., Marywood University

Phone: 570-941-4527
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Peter C. Olden, MHA, Ph.D.


Professor, Health Administration

B.S., Miami University
M.H.A., Duke University
Ph.D., Medical College of Virginia/Virginia Commonwealth University

Phone: (570) 941-4242
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Terri Freeman Smith, MS, Ph.D., SPHR


Assistant Professor, Human Resources
Undergraduate Human Resources Program Director

B.A., The Pennsylvania State University
M.S., University of Scranton
Ph.D., The Pennsylvania State University

Phone: (570) 941-6218
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Robert J. Spinelli, MBA, MPH, DBA


Assistant Professor, Health Administration
Undergraduate Health Administration Program Director

B.B.A., Temple University
M.B.A., University of Scranton
M.P.H., Columbia University
D.B.A., Nova Southeastern University

Phone: (570) 941-5872
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Steven J. Szydlowski, MBA, MHA, DHA


Assistant Professor, Health Administration
Graduate Health Administration Program Director

B.S., University of Scranton
M.B.A., University of Scranton
M.H.A., University of Scranton
D.H.A., Medical University of South Carolina

Phone: (570) 941-4367
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William G. Wallick, Ph.D., SPHR


Associate Professor, Human Resources
Graduate Human Resources Online Program Director

B.S., Marywood University
M.S., University of Scranton
Ph.D., The Pennsylvania State University

Phone: (570) 941-4128
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John Wiercinski, MHA, FACHE

Faculty Specialist

B.S., University of Scranton
M.H.A., Xavier University

Phone: 570-941-4691
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Ken Zula, MS, Ph.D., SPHR


Assistant Professor, Human Resources

B.S., Misericordia University
M.S., Misericordia University
Ph.D., The Pennsylvania State University

Phone: (570) 941-4333
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Inside the Classroom:

We recognize the importance of respecting the dignity of each individual, creating a positive learning environment, embracing diversity, encouraging innovation and change, disseminating new knowledge and improved practices.

Our small class sizes enable students to interact closely with one another in teams and with faculty who assign work that is case-based, which students draw on well into their careers. In your class, whether it’s online or on campus, you might work alongside a nursing student, an engineer and an accountant. In this department, it’s important to collaborate with and learn from students interested in a variety of professions.

The small class size is great! You have time to interact with faculty and ask a lot of questions.

James Dalkiewicz G'16

Outside the Classroom:

Not only are we talking about outcomes and competencies from day one in this department, we encourage students to establish a strong professional identity while they’re still in school. Students join professional organizations such as the American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE). Students are also enrolled in a unique program pairing them with professional mentors. (These things, in addition to a great alumni support network, give our HA/HR students a leg up when they graduate.)

Travel Courses & Study Abroad

We encourage our students at both the graduate and undergraduate levels to take travel courses and study abroad. For example, our Global Health Management course students go on an immersive trip to Central Europe under the direction of Dr. Daniel West, chair of the department. Read more about their conference presentations and the professional partnerships they form during the trip in this article. In addition, Dr. Steve Szydlowski, graduate Health Administration program director, leads study abroad opportunities and immersion in Brazil. These are just a couple examples of the many available global experiences to be had here at Scranton!


Gregory Shahum, Ph.D. '01, G'05 is the director of Genesis Rehab Center in a 1,000 bed hospital in Guangdong, China.

"As a graduate of The University of Scranton’s Master of Health Administration program, the fusion of innovative curriculum and experiential learning opportunities were immensely beneficial in my preparation to lead as an administrator at a large nursing home facility in Connecticut."

Read more about him and his story, here.

Career Outcomes:

Our graduates have been selected as Fulbright Scholars, gone on to medical school, law school and worked for a variety of for- and nonprofit and governmental agencies. Some examples of places our students have gone on to work:

  • Urgent Care Facilities
  • Group Practice Administration
  • Research Facilities
  • Rehabilitation Facilities
  • Long-term Care
  • Private Physician Practice
  • Advocacy Groups
  • Health Insurance Companies
  • Law Firms
  • Community Clinics
  • Federal and State Government
  • Consulting Firms


CAHME Accreditation – Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Management Education


Full graduate membership with the Association of University Program in Health Administration (AUPHA)