First-Year Housing

All of our first-year housing is located near the center of campus.  First-year residence halls are comprised almost entirely of double rooms, and most have a kitchen and all have laundry facilities.  Laundry rooms have new high-efficiency washers and commercial grade dryers in all buildings at no extra cost. First-year halls also include a lounge that may include a TV, piano, pool table, or other recreational equipment.  Most first-year buildings are co-ed by floor, we also typically offer two same gender buildings.

Campus housing includes wireless Internet, which is available throughout the entire campus.  Students living on campus are also provided with light housekeeping services.  All rooms are provided with a waste paper basket and recycling bin. First-year housing does not have air conditioning or carpeted rooms.
Each bedroom includes:
  • A cable TV connection
  • Wired and wireless Internet
  • A bed, twin XL mattress, desk, desk chair, dresser, and closet or free standing wardrobe per student. 
  • Rooms are tile or hardwood in most locations.  Suggested carpet size is 6' x9'
  • Adjustable beds have a minimum of 14" clearance under frame up to 23" in all halls with the exception of GLM & Nevils.
  • Some beds in GLM & Nevils are not adjustable, standard 8" risers are allowed for non-adjustable beds. The clearance under these beds without risers is approximately 18".
  • Window sizes vary by building and floor.  Most common window size is 5' x 7' and all windows have blinds.

Please scroll down to find out more information regarding specific buildings (listed alphabetically).

What to bring & not to bring

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First Year Buildings

Casey Hall, Denis Edward Hall (DE), Driscoll Hall, Fitch Hall, Gannon Hall/Lavis Hall/MacKillop Hall (GLM), Giblin-Kelly Hall, Hafey Hall, Lynett Hall, Martin Hall, McCourt Hall, and Nevils Hall

Each bedroom includes two of the following:
  • A cable TV connection
  • Wired and wireless Internet
  • A bed (twin XL mattress) approx. 84" long and 36" wide
  • Desk and desk chair (desk is approximately 42" - 45" wide x 24" deep)
  • Dresser (28" -30" wide x 46" - 48" tall x 20" deep)
  • Free standing wardrobe - two sizes depending on room:
    • Option 1 dimensions: height: 80 inches, width: 43 inches, and depth: 24 inches
    • Option 2 dimensions: height: 80 inches, width: 30 inches, and depth: 24 inches
  • Rooms in Nevils Hall do not have a wardrobe but have a built-in closet (46" wide x 81" high)
  • Suggested carpet size is 6'x9'
  • Window sizes vary by building and floor. Most common window size is 5' x 7'

Undecorated Rooms

Decorated Rooms

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