Housing Agreement Information

General Information

During the housing selection process, students will have the opportunity to sign (agree to the terms of) the housing agreement for the academic year. Students will be held to the terms of this agreement as long as they maintain full-time (12 credits) credit standing for undergraduates or if they remain enrolled as graduate students.

Please note:

"A RESIDENT agrees to reside in the residence halls for the entire academic year, or the remaining portion of the academic year. If student is enrolled in intersession classes, this contract also covers that period although additional fees apply. A RESIDENT may terminate this Agreement only if the RESIDENT has graduated, withdrawn from the UNIVERSITY, becomes a Resident Assistant, or has entered a study program away from the campus. Students who withdraw from the UNIVERSITY but are readmitted without missing one full fall or spring semester before being readmitted are not considered withdrawn for the purposes of the Agreement and will be held to any obligations made herein."

Graduate Student Housing Agreement

Graduate students will sign a copy of the housing agreement electronically when they are assigned to housing. Housing agreements are available on a students Housing Portal page.
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