Lock Change Request

Help, I lost my key!

If you've lost your residence hall key, click through the following steps on your My.Scranton page:

  • "Self-Service"
  • Select the "Student Services & Financial Aid" Tab
  • "Residence Life Menu"
  • "Residence Hall/Housing Rekey Lock Request"
  • Check the "I Accept" box
  • Click the "I Accept" button

What Happens Next?

  • Once you complete the above steps, a request will go to the locksmiths who will change your lock as soon as possible during business hours.
  • You and your roommates (or housemates) will all receive new keys, but only you will be charged ($30 for a standard double room, rates increase slightly for larger apartments and houses - this is billed to your Bursar's account like all other Univeristy charges).
  • The locksmith will speak to you in person or leave you a note that your locks have been changed.
  • You and your roommate(s) each have to pick up your own key here in the Office of Residence Life during business hours (roommates who still have their old key must turn it in).

University of Scranton lost key