Upperclass Residential Learning Communities

RLCs for Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors

Participating in Residential Learning Communities (RLCs) is an exciting and unique opportunity offered to students of all class years at The University of Scranton.  Students who participate in RLCs report greater satisfaction with their residential experience, a more academically-supportive environment in their residence hall, and are more likely to report that their residential experience helped them meet other students.

For the 2019-2020 Academic Year, Residence Life is offering up to 6 RLCs for sophomore students, and 1 for junior and senior students.  For more information, see details below.


Sophomore communities allow students to live with others who share an interest in a common theme, plan and participate in social and educational events related to the theme, and engage in a mentoring relationship with first-year students in a similarly themed community.  Not only are these communities fun, they also help students understand more about their passions and interests, and develop skills to successfully navigate the remainder of their college career and beyond!

Sophomore RLCs are not linked with a course.  Students elect an Advisory Council from within the community, and the Council then leads initiatives within the RLC related to the theme. This includes biweekly meetings and several events per semester, both for just the members of the RLC and often for the broader community.  RLC students share their passions and talents in a variety of ways, sponsoring events which have ranged from hot chocolate and movie study breaks encouraging emotional wellness, to a campus-wide event featuring an Ethiopian refugee sharing his experience to increase awareness of the current Refugee Crisis.  Current first-year students are invited to apply today to be part of the RLC family!

Potential Sophomore RLCs (based on student interest) are as follows:

  • Celebrate the Arts
    • CTA creates a space and home for students interested in pursuing and discussing their artistic interests in a variety of media, such as film, photography, drama, music, visual art, and more.  CTA encourages personal artistic expression, while also highlighting opportunities in the arts on campus, within the local Scranton community, and beyond. 
  • Cura Personalis
    • Rooted in Jesuit teachings, the core of Cura Personalis (CP) stands upon its three pillars: faith, service, and justice.  CP strives to create a culture of “men and women for and with others” by volunteering in the local community, welcoming conversations about various faiths, and engaging in justice issues on a local and global scale.
  • FIRE 
    • FIRE challenges participants to develop their leadership potential, focus on academic success, and achieve personal excellence.  This is promoted through various in-hall programs, enrollment in the Scranton Emerging Leaders 8-week course in partnership with the Center for Student Engagement, and involvement in the community. 
  • Helping Professions” in the Jesuit Context
    • While students of all majors are welcome, this community is geared toward those who plan to pursue a career in the “helping professions”.  It encourages students to easily and conveniently discuss their potential career paths, ethical guidelines, necessary coursework, and internship opportunities through informal conversations and more formal programs and events. 
  • SITE: Scranton Innovative Thought and Entrepreneurship
    • SITE is open to students of all majors and minors who are interested in developing the skills, attitudes, behaviors, and vision necessary to be a successful innovator in all facets of life.  This is a community that helps students foster their creativity and creative mindset, bringing them together to share their interests, ideas, and goals and encouraging one another to pursue opportunities and success within college and beyond. 
  • Wellness
    • Wellness is designed for students pursuing a balanced lifestyle, as it focuses on 8 dimensions of wellness: physical, emotional, social, intellectual, spiritual, occupational, environmental, and multicultural.  Students are encouraged to explore these themes as they apply them to their life, navigating together the many ways to be successful in college in a balanced, healthy manner.  

Application Process for fall 2019 is now closed!

All rising sophomores are eligible to apply to live in a sophomore RLC, regardless of whether you have lived in an RLC as a first-year student.  To apply to participate in a sophomore RLC for the 2019-2020 academic year, students must:  

  1. Complete and submit the Sophomore RLC Application by 11:59pm on February 4, 2019 via RoyalSync.  CLICK HERE TO APPLY!
  2. If selected, confirm your participation by noon on February 11, 2019 (all applicants will have received notice of acceptance via email by February 8, 2019).
  3. Select your room and roommate during assigned times during the week of either February 18 or 27, 2019.

Optional information sessions will be offered at 6pm on January 30th (Wednesday) and January 31st (Thursday) in Collegiate Hall in Redington for students with additional questions or for those who wish to meet others applying to participate in an RLC.

Please note:

  1. Not all students who apply may be accepted into the community.
  2. Room assignments will be made from within the community.  Therefore, if you have a desired roommate, they must also apply to the community.
  3. By completing the Sophomore RLC Application, students agree to be active members of the community, which includes:
    • Attending bi-weekly meetings to discuss community theme(s) and plan events;
    • Supporting the Advisory Council in planning, implementing, and attending at least 3 events related to the theme per semester; and
    • Participating in a mentorship program with students in the first-year RLC.
  4. If students have applied for and are selected to be an RA, they may participate in the community, but will live wherever they are assigned as an RA.
    • Because RA decisions will be made after RLC applications are due, if you are interested in living in an RLC if you are not selected as an RA, please complete the Sophomore RLC Application.
  5. The location of the RLC will be determined after students confirm participation, as placement location depends on the number of students in the community.  However, all communities will be in one of the traditional sophomore buildings: Condron, Gavigan, or Redington.
  6. The application is for residential students only.  Commuter students are eligible and encouraged to participate in a Residential Learning Community, however it is not necessary for commuters to fill out an application. 


Currently, Residence Life offers the Global Exchange community for junior and senior students.  

Global Exchange provides an opportunity for domestic University of Scranton students and International and Exchange students to live together and make connections across many cultures.  Throughout the semester, each apartment is asked to host an event in their apartment to share food, traditions, and customs from various cultures.  In addition, Global Exchange participants have been invited to many special events, some of which have been reserved just for them, including a breakfast with an international scholar on current affairs of the Arab and Muslim world and their impact on Israel and the region, and an evening retreat at the Chapman Lake Retreat Center.  Those who live in the community agree to leave one spot in their apartment vacant for an international/exchange student, but select all other members of their apartment.

Community Expectations

If you want to live in this community, you will be expected to:

  • Apply with a group of 3 total students to live in a 4-person apartment in Pilarz Hall (all individual members must apply);
    • The remaining room in the apartment will be reserved for an International Exchange Student.
    • If you have fewer than 3 people, your application will still be considered, though preference is to fill all 3 spots.
  • Host at least one event per semester with your apartmentmates to share food, traditions, and customs from various cultures; and
  • Be willing to learn and engage with others in the community to learn and connect across many cultures.

Application Process for fall 2019 is now closed!

To live in the Global Exchange community, all interested students must complete this Royal Sync Application by 11:59pm on Monday, February 4, 2019.

The application will ask for contact information (email) of "group leader," who will serve as the primary contact person.  This person should be ready to respond to an email sent February 18, 2019 at 4:00pm to attempt and secure your spot in the community.  Please ensure the group leader is available to view and respond to an email at this time.

PLEASE NOTE: spaces are limited in this community and apartments will be filled on a first come, first served basis, to be determined based on responses to the email sent on this date to group leaders.

Members of groups selected to live in the community must attend a meeting the week of February 25th to select apartment in Pilarz Hall (exact date to be communicated with participants).

If you need additional information before applying, you may attend an Information Session either Wednesday, January 30th or Thursday, January 31st (both at 7pm) in Collegiate Hall.