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Tuition Remission

General Information

The University provides tuition remission benefits to eligible employees so they may pursue opportunities for personal and educational development by matriculating in University of Scranton courses for credit. The University also provides tuition remission for spouses and children of eligible full-time employees, with the eligible dependent responsible for the University application fee in effect at the time of registration.

Full-time regular employees, employed on the first day of the semester, may take two courses free of tuition charges for each traditional semester timeframe, including intersession and summer session, through the College of Graduate and Continuing Education.  Tuition charges beyond two courses a semester are not paid under this policy.

Part-time employees working at least half time and employed on the first day of the semester are eligible for two courses during the academic year (1 September to 31 August). Spouses and children of part-time employees are not eligible for a tuition benefit.

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