Performance Management

The goal of the performance management program is to provide a process to retain and develop talented staff that is consistent with the mission and strategic plan of The University of Scranton.

Three principles were used to guide the development of the current performance management program: 

  1. Align all employees' work and outcomes with the strategic plan and the goals of the University and the tactical plans of their divisions and departments.
  2. Encourage two-way communications about performance that are constructive, not adversarial, in a partnership between staff and supervisor.
  3. Create a fair means to recognize high performers and address poor performance.

Employee performance is an ongoing process.  The most important part of performance management is not the annual appraisal. Rather, it is the communication that occurs throughout the year, a process that is then reflected in the annual appraisal.

The staff performance management program cycle consists of the following steps:

  1. Review the University's Mission, Vision, and Strategic Plan; and the unit's Tactical Plan.
  2. Review and/or update the individual's job description (in coordination with HR) and develop  a mutual understanding in writing by the supervisor and employee of the performance expectations for the position, including goals.
  3. Determine and plan for the training and development that may be needed by the employee to be successful in this position with a view toward furthering his/her ability to serve the University into the future. 
  4. Review the performance appraisal with the staff member.
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