Tuition Remission

Tuition Remission Application

Application for tuition remission for employees, eligible spouses, and eligible children must be made online through the my.scranton portal once each academic year for each student applying for the benefit.    

Step-by-step instructions are listed below: 

1. Log into my.scranton 

2. From Home Page click the drop-down Main Menu icon found in the upper left corner 

3. Select Employee tab 

4. Scroll down to the Human Resources section 

5. Select Tuition Remission, then complete the Remission Benefit Form. 

6. Select the semester for which you are applying from the drop-down menu 

7. Select “Application” for each person seeking tuition remission  

8. Complete the “Employee Acknowledgement” and agree to terms 

An application form for each person seeking tuition remission must be completed.   Documentation of the relationship of a spouse or child may be required prior to extending tuition remission. Examples of appropriate documentation include marriage certificates for spouses and birth certificates for children. Documentation of the age of a child may also be required. Birth certificates or other appropriate documents may be used to verify the age of a child. 

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