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Allergy Relief for Employees on University's Health Plan

Allergy season is upon us. As a participant on the University's health plan, your SwiftMD telemedicine service is your first and free defense against stubborn allergy symptoms such as sneezing, itchy throat, nasal congestion, and itchy/watery eyes. Consults with SwiftMD doctors are available anytime, anywhere, at no cost to you – no co-pays or consult fees!
Just call 833-794-3863 or log in at

SwiftMD doctors can treat many common, minor illnesses such as:
· Fever and flu · Rashes
· Bronchitis · Sinus infections
· Allergies and rashes · Pink eye and ear infections
· Urinary tract infections · Poison ivy
· Pink eye
· Insect bites and stings
· Nasal or respiratory congestion · Your individual medical concerns

SwiftMD doctors are U.S.-trained and board-certified physicians with at least 10 years’ experience practicing medicine. They can diagnose and care for many common, episodic illnesses, and send a prescription to your preferred local pharmacy if you need one. The University of Scranton is committed to providing quality healthcare to members and their families.