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Tuition Remission

Spouse and Children General Eligibility

Tuition remission benefits for eligible spouses/children of full-time employees are limited to the attainment of one bachelor’s degree and one master’s degree, if eligible, regardless of where the degree was/is obtained. The benefit is available up to the end of the academic year in which the eligible child attains age 24. For purposes of this policy, the academic year is defined as 1 September through 31 August. One full year of service is defined as a 365-day period of full-time employment.

Undergraduate tuition benefits for children of full-time employees (see tuition remission benefit summary for eligibility) may be extended to include other Jesuit institutions.  One-half of the tuition charges will be considered for payment under the following circumstances:

  1. The amount does not exceed the tuition costs of The University of Scranton;
  2. Application must be made for financial aid; and
  3. The cost of room and board is excluded.

The University participates in FACHEX (faculty children exchange) which presents the possibility of full tuition at other Jesuit institutions when an exchange slot is available.  FACHEX is available only for undergraduate programs.

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