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Tuition Remission

Financial Aid

A Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), which covers both state and federal aid, must be filed each year prior to May 1 for the subsequent academic year for eligible employees, spouses and eligible children who intend to enroll as at least a half-time student for any term during the subsequent academic year. The FASFA can be completed online at If it is determined that the student is not eligible to receive state or federal aid, a short form may be required in subsequent years. This short form may be obtained from the Financial Aid Office, and must be submitted for review by April 15th.  The tuition remission benefit will not be paid to a student’s account until all required financial aid forms and applications are officially filed.  If all applicable financial aid forms are not completed in a timely manner, the actual amount of state and/or federal grants that the student would have been eligible for will be deducted from the University’s tuition remission benefit.  As a result, the student or parent will be responsible for paying the portion of the financial aid package that was forfeited.

The tuition remission policy pertains to the difference between the tuition cost and the financial aid secured, except that, when combined, the total value will be extended to cover the cost of books and academic fees. The maximum allowance for books and academic fees is $250 per semester. Bookstore charge forms up to this amount will be issued by the Treasurer’s Office. Requests for authorization above $250 will be handled on a case-by-case basis by the Bursar.

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