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Guidance for Student Clubs and Organizations

Student clubs and organizations play an important and integral role in maintaining vibrant campus. As The University of Scranton supports over 80 student clubs and organizations with hundreds of activities and events hosted each year. As your organization prepares events and activities for the upcoming semester, this website will serve as a resource for event planning and club/organization operations. Please keep in mind that these procedures may be updated at any time and that all university announcements and up to date information regarding campus activities will supersede these guidelines.

Listed below are resources and information for you to consider and account for as you plan. The information provided below is meant to serve as guidance and a resource to help students and student organizations engage, build community, and cultivate a sense of belonging for the University of Scranton campus.

Planning Club/Organization Meetings

Student clubs and organizations are permitted and encouraged to host meetings for club membership regularly. All requests for club/organization meetings should be submitted two (2) weeks in advance.

Meeting Resources

Planning Club/Organization Events

Student clubs and organizations are permitted and encouraged to plan and host events for the campus community regularly. All requests for club/organization events should be submitted four (4) weeks in advance.

Event Resources

Spending Requests

Student clubs and organizations may submit requests to spend funding available through a Student Government allocation or through the organizations club account. All requests must be approved by Student Government and/or the Center for Student Engagement.

Spending Resources

Club and Organization Travel

Student clubs and organizations may choose to travel off-campus as part of its activities. The Center for Student Engagement will approve any and all travel (excluding club sports). All travel requests must be submitted via ROYALSYNC a minimum of 4 weeks in advance. 

 Travel Resources

On-Campus Marketing

Student clubs and organizations promote and market their events/activities via a variety of means, including campus posters, social media accounts, ROYALSYNC events, table-sits, white-board use, and the Alumni iTower in the DeNaples Center.

Marketing Resources

Tracking Meeting/Event Attendees

Student clubs and organizations are highly encourage to track their organization meeting and event attendance through ROYALSYNC. Tracking attendance can help you keep track of and communicate with your organization membership. 

Tracking Attendance Resources

Special Event Procedures

If a student club/organization wishes to invite a  speaker to an event or meeting, screen a movie on campus, or plan an event where alcohol is served, the organization must follow specific planning guidelines to secure approval from the Center for Student Engagement.

Planning Resources

Frequently Asked Questions

There are a variety of questions that come up every year from student clubs and organizations. We've compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) to help provide quick answers to students. All additional questions can be directed to

See FAQs


We are here to help! All questions regarding clubs and organizations can be directed to the Center for Student Engagement at or (570) 941-6233.
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