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Planning Student Club/Organization Events

The Center for Student Engagement (CSE) assists student clubs and organizations in planning and hosting hundreds of events open to the campus community every year. The guidance below summarizes some best practices in how student clubs/organizations can go about planning events.

How are events different from meetings?

For planning purposes, the Center for Student Engagement defines an event as a planned initiative/gathering open to the campus community. Events typically involve more planning and take longer to arrange.

meeting is defined as a gathering of the club/organizations membership that may or may not be open to the campus community. Meetings generally take less time to plan, and often, student clubs/organizations just need a space to meet. Visit our resources for planning a meeting for your organization for additional information.

Event Planning Guidelines

All events sponsored by chartered student clubs and organizations must be registered with the Center for Student Engagement. Student clubs and organizations that wish to host an event must submit an event request on ROYALSYNC. (This link can be found in your ROYALSYNC organization or on the main Events page). An event registration is required for all events, including meetings, social, or educational events. Once the event registration form has been received by CSE, staff will contact the officer who submitted the form to coordinate details of the event. If your event is complex, you may be asked to meet with staff to review logistics.  

Please note, Event Registration forms should be submitted at least 4 weeks prior to the proposed event date. Failure to follow the timeline may result in the event being denied. 

Here are some things to consider PRIOR to submitting an Event Registration form: 

  1. Identify desired room for event. Since space is at a premium on campus, please make sure you have a back-up space as well.  
  2. Consider event logistics. Will you be hosting a speaker on campus? Do you need audio support for the event? Will you need a Royal Card machine for ticket sales? Will you need a contract for a performer or vendor? Staff can help you iron out the final details but take time to map out possible logistics before you submit the Event Registration. 
  3. Consider your desired room layout.  
  4. Gather a budget estimate. You should have a rough outline of your program expenditures and which account (Student Government allocation or club account) would paying for the expenditures. 

Event Spaces

Chartered student clubs and organizations can reserve rooms at the University free of charge for University sponsored events. All rooms can be reserved by the staff of the Center for Student Engagement. A listing of all facilities can be found on the University's website. Information about room set-ups, seating capacity, and all technology included in rooms is listed for each room. Classrooms are frequently used for club or organization meetings. These classrooms can be reserved by CSE staff. 

Food Service and Catering

Many clubs and organizations plan events that involve food for event participants. Although Student Government funds may not generally be used for food, each club may use their club account to pay for food service. Food service in all buildings and outdoor areas on the University's campus is exclusively granted to ARAMARK.

Dining Services has a menu specifically for student groups that provides a discounted service for student clubs and organizations. To access this menu, please contact University Catering

If you are offering food for events, please be mindful of the variety of dietary needs of all attending including, allergies, vegan/vegetarian needs, and religious needs. If you have questions, Dining Services or Catering can assist in creating a menu that Is mindful of these and other needs.

Funding Events

Most clubs and organizations funded by Student Government have two funding sources - their Student Government allocation (if chartered with funding status) and their student club or organization agency account.  Visit our resources on student club/organization funding and finance for additional information.


We are here to help! All questions regarding clubs and organizations can be directed to the Center for Student Engagement at or (570) 941-6233.

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