Scranton Emerging Leaders (SEL)

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The Scranton Emerging Leaders (SEL) program is a semester long program offered in the Spring Semester for students of any year who are eager to develop and enhance their leadership skills. SEL is comprised of 8 weekly sessions that cover such topics as the CliftonStrengths Assessment, Communication Skills, Interpersonal Skills, Assertiveness, Appreciating Differences, Next Steps, and Leadership Action Plan. On top of learning about these topics, participants have the opportunity to learn about themselves, where their potential lies, and how they want to grow and develop at The University of Scranton as well as in their future careers. Students often create new friendships with their classmates and find it easier to get involved in leadership positions on campus.

SEL Alumni have commented that this interactive experience is fun and has challenged them to grow. They made friends with the other leaders in class and learned a great deal about themselves, their strengths, potential, and the areas they want to grow in. They enjoyed interacting and getting to know the workshop staff, the facilitator team and also the student facilitators who are SEL Alumni. There are no fees or costs to participating in the program.

Facilitation for SEL

Each sections of SEL is led by a workshop staff and student facilitation team of 2 previous SEL graduates. Students that are given the opportunity to facilitate and use the skills they acquired through the program and to develop those skills further. Student facilitation offers an opportunity for a mentor relationship with program participants and with staff members of the University community. This is a great way to practice the skills that you acquire in the SEL program and an awesome way to give back to the University community.  If you are interested in facilitating, please contact

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