Student Government Club Funding - 2021-2022

As student clubs and organization begin to return to more in-person student engagement, Student Government has continued to temporarily suspend the Student Club and Organization Funding guidelines within its bylaws and developed these adapted guidelines to support student clubs and organizations. The following adaptations will be in place for the 2021-2022 academic year under the expectation that they may be revised and adjusted as deemed appropriate by Student Government. Information regarding accessing your annual allocation, lump sum budgeting, adapted spending guidelines, applying for supplemental funding, and the process for requesting to spend funds are highlighted below.

2021-2022 Organization/Club Budgets and Allocations

For the 2021-2022 academic year, Student Government has suspended the line-item budgeting request process. This year, student clubs and organizations (that requested a budget in Spring 2021) will be allocated a lump sum budget. The amount allocated to each organization was calculated based on previous allocations and the amount available to allocate this year. An amount of funding has also been set aside for new initiative and supplemental funding (see below).

Accessing Your Club/Organization Allocation

Student clubs and organizations (recognized by Student Government) can access their 2021/2022 allocation via their organization's portal on ROYALSYNC. Only officers with administrative access to ROYALSYNC will be able to access the allocation information. 

Accessing your Club/Organization Allocation

  1. Click this link to access the list of organizations in which you are a member or serve as an officer.
    1. You can also access this information by navigating directly to (You must be assigned administrative access in ROYALSYNC in order to see this page; this would have happened during the Organization Transition process in April 2021 when the new officers were added.)
  2. Click on the organization you would like to see the allocation for (you must be listed as an officer of the organization; general members will not have access to the allocation information).
  3. When the organization's admin portal loads, click on the "Documents" link on the top ribbon.
  4. Your organization allocation will be on the "Documents" list in a PDF form that is only visible to officers.

This total number can be used toward any events you plan this year, as long as the item requests are eligible for funding. Any questions regarding accessing your organization's allocation can be directed to Taysha Campana at

Applying for Supplemental Funding

Each year, Student Government allows clubs and organizations to apply for New Initiative Funding for new ideas or events that were not requested in the in the initial budgeting cycle. This year, due to the changes in the budgeting process, student clubs and organizations are able to apply for Supplemental Funding. We have developed this process for those organizations who may need to seek additional funding beyond their initial allocation.

The goal of the Supplemental Funding process is to provide an option for clubs and organizations to request additional funding if needed since they were not asked to submit an annual budget for this cycle. As clubs and organizations begin their planning for the year, we encourage them first to utilize their current allocation when planning for events and activities before considering applying for supplemental funding. 

If you have any questions regarding Supplemental Funding, please do not hesitate from reaching out to Taysha Campana at

Requesting to Spend Allocated Funds

To request to spend funds from your 2021-2022 allocation, you must fill out the “Club and Organization Spending Request Form” form prior to any purchases. Any allocation spending requests must be compliant with the adapted budgeting guidelines for the 2021-2022 academic year, or the request will be denied. Club and organization leaders must also additionally fill out the “Event Registration” form on RoyalSync prior to requesting the use of Student Government allocated funds.

2021-2022 Budgeting Guidelines


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