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Clubs and Organizations Sponsored Travel

Each year, dozens of clubs and organizations travel off-campus for events, conferences, and other trips. The Center for Student Engagement assists most clubs with the planning and arrangements for club/organization sponsored travel. Please review the information below to assist in the planning for club/organization sponsored travel. Please note, club sports who travel as part of their competition will work directly with Bobby Hermes in Recreational Sports to assist in that travel.

Off-Campus Travel Guidelines

All club and organization events that take place off of the campus footprint are considered "off-campus" events. As with all events, they must be registered and approved by the Center for Student Engagement via the Off-Campus Travel Request form on ROYALSYNC.

In order to be considered for approval, the event must follow all guidelines set forth in the Student Handbook and contribute to the overall educational mission of the University. Events off campus must be submitted to ROYALSYNC at least four weeks prior to the event because they will also be submitted for approval to the University General Counsel for review. The General Counsel's office requires that a waiver be signed by each participant for travel off campus. 

Please note that it is very important to adhere to the requested four-week window for off-campus events, as the General Counsel's office will not review waiver requests submitted less than four weeks prior to an event. The Center for Student Engagement will facilitate Student Government-chartered club events only. Departmental events or events for organizations that are not Student Government-chartered must be facilitated by the department sponsoring the event. Clubs may register their travel event by submitting the Off-Campus Travel Request form on ROYALSYNC. In most cases, the group leader will be required to meet with Center for Student Engagement staff to review the request and go over the details of the travel.

As a final note, it is expected that all club and organization members remember that they are representing the University of Scranton and, as such, are expected to comply with and follow all guidelines in the Student Handbook both on- and off-campus. 


We are here to help! All questions regarding clubs and organizations can be directed to the Center for Student Engagement at or (570) 941-6233.
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