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Student Government


Student Government


The Student Senate came about in the spring semester of 2002 with the ratifying of its Constitution. On May 3, 2002 the first Student Senate meeting was held in the Office of Student Life. Today, the Student Senate assembles for regular sessions on a biweekly basis and for emergency sessions as necessary.

The Student Senate is the main avenue of governance for the students. The Student Senate deals with pertinent issues that affect the day-to-day lives of students at The University of Scranton. The Senate is chaired by the Vice-President of Student Government who votes only in the case of a tie. The other Executive members of Student Government are the President, a non-voting member with veto authority, as well as the Secretary, Treasurer, Director of Communication, and Director of Technology, all of whom are non-voting members. The body of the Student Senate is made up of four representatives from each class, two commuter representatives, two off-campus representatives, three resident representatives, and one international representative for a total of 24 members.

There are five standing committees formed out of the Senate: Academic and Scholastic Affairs, Appropriations, Athletics and Programming, Campus Life and Dining Services, Safety, Justice, and Service. Proposed legislation is sent to the appropriate committee for research and development at the discretion of the Chair. The Executive Treasurer advises the Appropriations Committee. A Senator is appointed by the Executive Council to chair each of the committees.

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