Happiness Challenge


Finding moments of happiness can lift our spirits and help us through stressful times. We know what makes people happy is different for everyone, but experts say there are habits and simple actions that are shown to help boost happiness. Join our 3-Week Happiness Habit Challenge designed to boost your mood and bring us together as we find joy through simple actions. The Happiness Habit Challenge is open to students, staff and faculty. 

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How does that Happiness Habit Challenge Work?

  1. Register for the Happiness Habit Challenge to receive weekly emails that contain small at-home happiness activities for each week (Example Activities: do something nice for a friend or family member, take a walk in nature, list three things you’re grateful for this week, etc.). We’ll also send along articles, videos and general messages of happiness and hope! 
  2. Once the challenge is underway, you’ll receive a Weekly Happiness Habit Log to track which activities you participated in during the week. Certify that you completed at least 4 activities per week to be entered for weekly raffle prizes. Happiness Habit Logs will be due by 1pm each Monday. 
  3. Submit all 3 Weekly Happiness Habit Logs to be entered for the Grand Prize raffle for $100 Amazon Gift Card and University of Scranton Swag.
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