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2018 Fitness Challenge

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Coming Soon! Register for the 2018 Fitness Challenge 

Challenge Accepted 

Last year, over 1,000 University of Scranton students, faculty & staff challenged themselves to commit to regular exericse (150 minutes/per week) over four weeks.  Our hope is that members of this group will support and motivate each other as we "Get Fit" during the Fitness Challenge and beyond.


  • The Fitness Challenege is a 4-week program sponsored by The Center for Health Education and Wellness (CHEW) that will run February 11, 2018- March 11, 2018
  • Students, staff and faculty are "Challenged" to exericse for 150 minutes per week (CDC Recommendation for adults) and track your activity on an online Weekly Fitness Log. 

To complete the Fitness Challenge and receive a FREE FITNESS CHALLENGE ATHLETIC SHIRT you must:

  1. Register to participate in the Fitness Challenge by February 9th. 
  2. Complete 150 minutes of moderate-intense physical activity each week. This is the minimum amount of aerobic exercise recommended by the CDC for healthy adults 18-64 years old. (Click here for additional CDC physical activity guidelines)
  3. Certify you completed 150 minutes of physical activity on your online Weekly Fitness Log before Noon on Monday each week. Each Friday you will receive an email from The Center for Health Education & Wellness (CHEW) that contains a link to your Weekly Fitness Log, which you will use to track the exercise you completed during the prior week. You will receive your first Weekly Fitness Log on February 9th.
  4. Submit 3 out of 4 Weekly Fitness Logs online and complete the Final Program Survey 
    • In order to complete the Fitness Challenge and earn a shirt, you must complete 150 mins of exercise and submit your Weekly Fitness Log on time for 3 out of the 4 weeks of the challenge. Weekly Wellness Logs will not be accepted after noon each Monday.
    • Complete a brief online Final Program Survey at the end of the Fitness Challenge

Weekly Prizes: We asked, you answered, we listened... The Fitness Challenge has a new weekly prize structure. CHEW will be holding weekly raffles for gift cards and fitness related items.  

  • To be entered into the weekly raffle participants must complete their Weekly Fitnesss Log by Monday at noon. No late entries will be accepted.
  • Winners will be announced weekly. 
  • Prizes: Gift cards and fitness-related items will be raffled each week. Examples include Garmin watches, fitbits, and gift cards from Amazon,Dicks's Sporting Goods, Scranton Running Company, etc.  
Final Prize: Fitness Challenge T-Shirt 
  • ALL participants who sucessfully complete the 4-week program will receive a FREE FITNESS CHALLENGE athletic t-shirt at the wrap-up event on March 22, 2018.