2020 Fitness Challenge

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February 16- March 14 

Last winter, over 850 University of Scranton students, faculty & staff challenged themselves to commit to regular exercise and logged over 6,550 hours of exercise (minimum of 150 minutes/per week) during our annual Fitness Challenge! Sign-up today to join our 4-week Fitness Challenge for motivation, accountability and earn a coveted Fitness Challenge athletic t-shirt. You can join as an individual or be part of our team challenge (up to 5 members per team). Registration will open January 29, 2020 ends February 13, 2020.  

Fitness Challenge Calendar

2019 Fitness Challenge Calendar

Download a Fitness Challenge Calendar with Important Dates, Programs & Daily Wellness Challenges

To complete the Fitness Challenge and receive a FREE Fitness Challenge Athletic Shirt & Qualify for Weekly Prizes you must:
  1. Complete 150 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity each week. This is the minimum amount of aerobic exercise recommended by the CDC for healthy adults 18-64 years old. (Click here for additional CDC physical activity guidelines). 
  2.  Each Friday you will receive an email from The Center for Health Education & Wellness (CHEW) that contains a link to your Weekly Fitness Log, which you will use to track the exercise you completed during the prior week. Certify you completed 150 minutes of physical activity on your online Weekly Fitness Log before 1pm every Monday during the Challenge. By submitting your log, you will automatically qualify for weekly raffle prize drawings. You will receive your first Weekly Fitness Log on February 21stYou can not submit a Fitness Log for a team member- each person is responsible for submitting their own Fitness Log.  If you do not complete 150 minutes of exercise, do not submit a Weekly Fitness Log for that week and try again the next week.
  3. In order to complete the Fitness Challenge and earn a shirt, you must complete 150 mins of exercise and submit your Weekly Fitness Log on time for 3 out of the 4 weeks of the challenge. Weekly Wellness Logs will not be accepted after noon each Monday. You must also complete a brief online Final Program Survey at the end of the Fitness Challenge

Prizes: Gift cards and fitness-related items will be raffled each week during the Fitness Challenge. Examples include gift cards from Amazon,Dicks's Sporting Goods, etc. and fitness related items. 

Participating as an individual or part of a team- what's the difference? how do you qualify for prizes? Read Below



  • Everyone must register individually to be part of the Fitness Challenge. Even if you have  joined a team, you are also participating as an individual in order to earn your Fitness Challenge shirt. 
  • You are responsible for submitting your own Weekly Fitness Log before 1pm each week, which will automatically qualify you to be eligible for the individual weekly raffle prize drawing. 
  • Submit at least 3 out of the 4 Weekly Fitness logs to earn a FREE T-shirt!


  • Registering as a team will allow students, faculty, and staff to participate as an individual to earn weekly prizes AND as a team to earn weekly team prizes.
  • Weekly Fitness logs will need to be submitted individually by ALL team members each week.
    • As a team member, when you submit your individual weekly log you will qualify for the weekly individual raffle prizes AND (if all of your teammates submit their logs) qualify for a weekly raffled TEAM prize.
      • *If all members for a team do not submit their individual weekly log, the team will not qualify for the weekly TEAM raffle prize, but individual team members will still qualify for individual weekly raffle prize.
  • Teams who successfully have all members of their team complete their fitness logs for all 4 weeks of the challenge will be entered to win a TEAM GRAND PRIZE.