Asset Management And Vendor Relations

The Client Services department is responsible for computer hardware and software asset inventory as well as all licenses, support, and maintenance agreements associated with technology purchases. We help offices to ensure that hardware and software acquisitions integrate well into Scranton’s information technology environment, that any risk, security exposure, or liability associated with an IT acquisition is identified before the purchase is made, and that the University achieves the maximum value from any IT investment.

Technology Purchasing and Replacement Process

Computers are essential equipment for the University. The purpose of this document is to outline the process by which University personnel acquire IT equipment. The goal of the process is to ensure each employee has a suitable computer to perform their assigned responsibilities while also providing prudent stewardship of University resources. 

To achieve cost savings for the University by leveraging collective buying power, educational discounts, and to accommodate security considerations when implementing new software and hardware, purchases should be made in consultation with Deanna Beyrent, Manager of Client Services.

Purchase Guidelines

All University owned IT hardware and software should be purchased and disposed of through IT. Computers should not be purchased by individuals using personal or departmental credit cards. A Central Microcomputer Budget has been established to fund all computer purchases. Purchases must adhere to University procurement and technology policies and standards, e.g. information security, acceptable use, bid process, etc. 

All IT hardware and software purchases $5000 and greater require a review by IT for approval as stated in Section 4.1 of the Purchasing Card Policies & Procedures through the Purchasing Department.