The Division of Information Technology is committed to continual assessment and improvement of IT services and communications.


Measuring Information Service Outcomes (MISO) is a web-based quantitative survey that measures how faculty, students, and staff view library and computing services (IT) in higher education. The MISO Survey provides information on:

  • the services and resources that are important to users
  • how successfully services and resources are delivered
  • the effectiveness of communications about services and resources
  • users' skill with software and databases
  • additional skills that users want to develop and the preferred manner of acquiring them
  • software and hardware tools used by faculty, students and staff
  • benchmarks for delivery of library and computing services

MISO 2018 Results

The Division of Information Technology and the Library administered the MISO survey to all University students, staff, and faculty from February 22 to March 9, 2018.

The survey was administered to the following four campus populations. We have indicated the response rates for each:

  • Undergraduate Students: 878 responses; 24% response rate
  • Graduate Students: 242 responses; 36% response rate
  • Faculty (except Library faculty): 214 responses; 45% response rate
  • Staff (except IT and Library staff): 273 responses; 47% response rate

As a result of this survey, IT will be focusing its effort on providing additional support and instruction regarding file storage solutions and backup management. We will also be focusing on providing our constituents with additional opportunities to familiarize themselves with online safety best practices and cybercrime prevention.

Information Technology comments were parsed out into a chart, and comments about the survey itself while noted, were removed. Likewise, any comments where individual faculty or staff were identifiable were also noted and removed. The chart of comments about the IT appears below, including our responses/plans for action.

Review the 2018 MISO Survey Comments with Information Technology Responses.