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Minors on Campus

The University of Scranton maintains its facilities in a manner consistent with its mission of higher education.  Although a university is primarily an adult environment, children under the age of eighteen (18) enter campus to visit faculty, staff or students.  Children may enter the campus as part of a program, to attend an event, or to use a campus resource.

The conditions in this policy are in addition to any requirements that may apply to other visitors to campus. This policy applies to activities and programs taking place on the campus of the University of Scranton where minors will be present and under the care and control of a University representative, as well as off campus activities that fall under the authority and direction of the University.  This policy applies to both programs in which adults have sustained and regular contact with children and programs where the contact with children is less regular.  This policy is not intended to apply to: 

  1. Programs in which enrolled undergraduate students of the University, or of another university participating in the program, are the only minors participating.  
  2. Research programs subject to the review and approval of the Institutional Review Board where minors are the subjects of the research.
  3. Admissions programs designed to attract high school juniors and seniors to the University, family weekend, and such other programs as may be designated by the appropriate divisional vice president in consultation with the General Counsel.
  4. Programs where minors are on campus under the supervision of a parent, guardian, or other authorized adult. 

Despite the tailored application of the restrictions set forth herein, the reporting requirement in this policy applies to all University employees and is not limited in any way by the exemption language above.

Registration forms should be submitted to, Attn:  Minors on Campus

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