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Minors on Campus

Minors on Campus Training

The University of Scranton training on child abuse awareness with regard to the University policy, and a training quiz are available through the Office of Human Resources at (570) 941-7767. 

Each adult who has contact with minors through a covered program under this policy shall attend annual training.  That training will consist of three parts:

  1. the substantive issue of child abuse;
  2. the conduct requirements of this policy; and
  3. appropriate reporting of incidents.

This training may be enhanced to meet certain objectives as long as it includes the three areas specified above.  Additionally, all efforts will be made to make training available at multiple times and in multiple formats so that programs will not experience delays.  It is the responsibility of the program leaders to make sure training is received by appropriate participants.  The records of employees who have been trained will be maintained by the Office of Human Resources.

Background Check Requirements

Background Checks:

To fulfill the requirements of the policy, each applicant must submit proof of submission of each background check and the result of each background check thirty (30) days prior to the date of the event.  

PA CHILDLINE Child Abuse History Clearance:

The PA CHILDLINE Child Abuse History Clearance is completed via the CWIS portal.  Each individual will need to create a new account (keystone ID) and provide all the information necessary to complete the history clearance.  The reason will be Employment with a likelihood of working with Children.

State Police:

FBI Fingerprint:

The FBI link is to CogentID. There is a link on that page for first time users that explains the process.  You will need to select Department of Human Services and the reason for the application is Employment with a likelihood of working with Children.  Individuals have to register through CogentID and then go to the nearest fingerprint location to have the fingerprints done within 30 days


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