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Employee Meal Plan

University Dining Services is pleased to announce the creation of a new “debit” meal plan for Faculty and Staff.

An account may be opened:

  • Open an account by simply going to the Bursar’s Office and making a deposit 
  • Minimum deposit is $100, and subsequent deposits may be made in $100 increments
  • Each $100 deposit will be matched by a 6.0 % bonus added on
  • The account may be used at any of the eight dining locations on campus
  • This “employee debit” account can be accessed by informing the cashier and presenting your Royal Card
  • ALL University employees and ARAMARK and Follett employees are eligible
    • Full time students are not eligible
    • Resident students are not eligible
  • Funds will remain in the account indefinitely.
  • Refunds can be requested (6% add-on bonus will be not be refunded).

Save up to 6% on all dining on campus by opening an account

Questions or comments:


Phone: 570-941-7456

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