View Completed Service Hours

Faculty Display

Faculty members are now able to check their class list and have the information at their fingertips. Please remember, during the week the time sheets are due, it does take a little more time to enter the information into the system for all PCPS students.

To check your class list:

Step 1: Click on

Step 2: Enter your R Number and your Password. When finished click login

Step 3: Click on the Faculty tab

Step 4: Click on Self Service (UIS)

Step 5: Click on Faculty Services

Step 6: Scroll down and click on Faculty Community Based Learning Class Display

Step 7: Enter term and submit

The list will show the students name, Gr - their grade for that term (grade entered by the Dean's office), Hours - hour completed, Prv - previous hours completed, Ct - whether or not they have completed a contract for the semester (Y or N), S-C - is the college and class, and Tran - if a term is listed next to his/her name that will show when the student transferred into the college.

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