Mission Statement: Panuska College of Professional Studies

The Panuska College of Professional Studies upholds the highest academic standards in preparing undergraduate and graduate students for successful professional careers in allied health. The three interrelated themes of Jesuit education -- a focus on moral reflection, teaching for social justice, and the liberal treatment of subject matters -- are embedded in our PCPS curriculum as well as rigorous scholarship and service on both the undergraduate and graduate level. Our emphasis is on intellectual inquiry and clinical practice devoted to the lifelong development and improvement of our students, our faculty, our programs, and the global community.


The University's mission with respect to service and social justice is particularly relevant for the Panuska College of Professional Studies (PCPS) since it consists of a variety of undergraduate and graduate programs which share the aim of preparing individuals for "helping professions." PCPS views its capacity to nurture and model such relationships with our students as a key educational responsibility. The Jesuit traditions of theory, practice, and social justice are at the heart of our work. Our emphasis is indistinguishably interwoven with the philosophy, traditions, and mission of Jesuit liberal arts education. Our goal is to prepare professionals who are educated in the liberal arts and committed to a life guided by intellectual, moral, and ethical values.
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