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About the College

The Leahy College of Health Studies prepares students in a wide range of professions. The College has been designed with the conviction that all disciplines should be taught and understood through a balance of theory and practice.

An exclusively theoretical understanding of a discipline is incomplete. Practice for which there is no understood context is of limited value. It is this belief that structures the LCHS pedagogy and curriculum.

Students receive exemplary preparation for the profession of their choice and a solid education in the liberal arts and sciences.

Enhancement and extension of the Ignatian mission through service learning and dedication to being “women and men for others” is a large part of the Leahy College academic programs. These programs are committed to service learning through theory and practice and reflection through action.

Students in these academic programs perform community service through coursework and projects as a requirement for graduation. In this way, the service aspects of their prospective careers can be understood in personal and comprehensible terms.

These ethics has roots in antiquity, is Catholic and Jesuit in tradition and spirit, and is responsive to contemporary needs. Accreditation information can be found here.

Rich academic undergraduate and graduate programs allow for a community of learning. LCHS is set apart by their commitment to service, devotion to the Ignatian qualities of care for one another and concern for those less fortunate and provide a critical and compassionate appreciation of the role of civic engagement for furthering the cause of justice and full human development.

You will truly learn what it means to be a helping professional in the Leahy College of Health Studies.

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