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Headshot of Debra A. Pellegrino, Ed.D.

Debra A. Pellegrino, Ed.D.

Leahy Hall, Room 226 | 570-941-6305
Headshot of Victoria Castellanos, Ph.D.

Victoria Castellanos, Ph.D.

Associate Dean
Leahy Hall, Room 223 | 570-941-4407
Headshot of Ray Schwenk, MS

Ray Schwenk, MS

Assistant Dean

Assessment, Communications, and Finance
Leahy Hall, Room 224 | 570-941-7565
Headshot of Kevin Curry, M.Ed.

Kevin Curry, M.Ed.

Assistant Dean

Academic Services
McGurrin Hall, Room 117 | 570-941-5951
Headshot of Carol M. Fahnestock, MBA

Carol M. Fahnestock, MBA

Office Manager / Secretary to the Dean
Leahy Hall, Room 225 | 570-941-6305
Headshot of Dolores M. Rozelle, AA

Dolores M. Rozelle, AA

Secretary for Field Placement and PCPS Support
Leahy Hall, Room 227 | 570-941-7565