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Office of Residence Life


Mission Statement:

The Office of Residence Life is dedicated to the Jesuit tradition of holistic education outside and inside the classroom.  Residence Life will serve The University of Scranton student by:

  • Providing a safe, secure, and academically supportive environment.
  • Promoting independence, interpersonal skills, and healthy relationships.
  • Cultivating acknowledgment of responsibility to oneself, The University of Scranton, and the global  community.
  • Developing transferable skills and leadership abilities to foster lifelong learning.

Learning Outcomes

As a result of their on campus living experience and participation in leadership positions, living learning programs, activities and services provided by the Office of Residence Life, students will:

  • Develop more meaningful interactions with faculty members in the residence halls. 
  • Develop their understanding of theology and explore their personal beliefs related to faith as individuals in a group. 
  • Identify with the Jesuit values and University mission.
  • Make a positive impact on the University community.
  • Become aware and knowledgeable of local, domestic and international justice issues. 
  • Identify their personal goals related to leadership development and begin to make progress achieving these goals.
  • Increase self-awareness and develop their ability to clearly communicate their individual identity, motivations, values, beliefs and ideas.
  • Develop an understanding and appreciation for eight dimensions of wellness.
  • Understand their leadership role as Residence Life staff members and develop confidence in their ability to be and effective student leader.
  • Develop their conflict resolution skills. 
  • Identify University resources and support services and engage purposefully with these departments to promote academic and personal success.
  • Identify University policies related to their behavior.
  • Challenge their concepts related to alcohol and drug use.
  • Engage in an integrated residential experience that supports their learning in and out of the classroom.
  • Cultivate intentional, healthy and enduring interpersonal relationships.
  • Promote peer accountability.
  • Attain the professional and functional skills to transition to post-Scranton experiences.
  • Recognize the continued development of self and acknowledge that process as required for maturation.
  • Foster an appreciation of global perspectives, ecological awareness as well as an understanding of one’s civic responsibility.
  • Appropriately model and maintain high peer expectations for healthy and responsible alcohol consumption. 

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