Undergraduate Programs of Study

Many of our undergraduate major programs may also be taken as minors


Accelerated Master's Degree and Combined Baccalaureate/Master's Degree Programs Accountancy (MAcc), BS/MBA Accounting, BS Accounting, BS/MBA Applied Mathematics, BS Associate in Arts Biochemistry, BS Biochemistry, Cell and Molecular Biology, BS Biology, BS Biomathematics, BS Biophysics, BS Business Administration, BS Business Communication, BS Business, AS Chemistry, BS Chemistry-Business, BS Chemistry-Computers, BS Classical Studies, BA Communication, BA Community Health Education, BS Computer Engineering, AS Computer Engineering, BS Computer Information Systems, AS Computer Information Systems, BS Computer Science, BS Counseling and Human Services, AS Counseling and Human Services, BS Counseling and Human Services, BS/MS Counseling and Human Services, Rehabilitation Services Concentration, BS Criminal Justice, AS Criminal Justice, BS Doctor of Physical Therapy Economics, BS (CAS) Economics, BS (KSOM) Education, Early and Primary Education, Middle Level Education, Secondary Electrical Engineering, AS Electrical Engineering, BS Electronic Commerce, BS Engineering Management English, BA Entrepreneurship, BS Environmental Science, BS Exercise Science, BS Finance, BS Finance, BS/MBA Five-Year Plan, CAS/MBA Forensic Chemistry, BS Health Administration, AS Health Administration, BS Health Administration, Long-Term Care Administration Concentration, BS History, BA Human Resources Studies, AS Human Resources Studies, BS Individualized Major International Business, BS International Language-Business, BA International Studies, BS Information Technology, BS Journalism & Electronic Media, BA Latin American Studies, BA Liberal Studies, BS (CAS) Liberal Studies, BS (PCPS) Management, BS Management, Marketing & Entrepreneurship, BS/MBA Marketing, BS Mathematics, BA Mathematics, BS Neuroscience, BS Nursing, BSN Nursing, LPN to BS Nursing, RN to BS Occupational Therapy Operations Management, BS Operations Management, BS/MBA Philosophy, BA Physics, BS Physiology, BS Political Science, BS Pre-Engineering Psychology, BS Social Media Strategies, BA Sociology, AS Sociology, BS Strategic Communication, BA Theatre, BA Theology/Religious Studies, BA Women's and Gender Studies, BA World Language and Cultures majors, BA