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The University of Scranton Counseling Center

For any questions regarding COVID, please refer to the Campus Health and Safety page, which details the University's current plans and up-to-date information.

The Counseling Center provides free and confidential services for all enrolled undergraduate and full-time graduate students of the University of Scranton. The Center is staffed by licensed psychologists, counselors and social workers. We provide individual and group counseling, consultations, assessment, and crisis intervention for students. The Counseling Center staff also provides after-hour consultative services to the University community.  

The goal of our clinical and campus-based services is to help students maintain and develop their emotional well-being and achieve their educational and personal goals.  These services are free and confidential.  We promote a healthy and inclusive community through our counseling, outreach, relationship-building, education, crisis intervention and support.

Our individual services are typically based on a solution-focused approach and are designed to help students manage immediate problems and provide short-term therapy. These services are ideal for issues that have arisen recently or that are expected to resolve relatively quickly.  Sessions are often every other week unless weekly appointments are recommended.  If you are facing ongoing difficulties (6 months or longer) or if you have engaged in ongoing therapy in the past, it is likely that the Counseling Center will review with you an appropriate plan that may include short-term counseling with the Counseling Center and/or referral assistance to a provider in the community to ensure you have access to mental health treatment that is not limited. Decisions regarding treatment recommendations are made by counselors in consultation with the clinical team of the Counseling Center.

The Counseling Center also offers other options for support including unlimited use of group counseling programs with many helpful options, session-limited teletherapy, the PASS program, and other resources within the University.  When off-campus therapy is recommended or preferred by students, a counselor will support the student through the process of getting connected. 

Students are welcome to come to the Counseling Center to request services in-person or you can contact us by phone at 570-941-7620 to schedule an appointment or to inquire about accessing any of our services throughout this semester.

If you have any questions, please contact us at 570-941-7620.  

If this is an emergency, please utilize University Police at 570-941-7777 or 911.

Location:  6th floor - O'Hara Hall
Hours of Operation:  Monday-Friday, 8:30am-4:30pm
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