Break Housing Request Instructions

The Residence Halls will be closed for the following breaks:

Fall Break

Thanksgiving Break

Spring Break

Easter Break


Sometimes students have circumstances that make it difficult to leave campus for one of these breaks.  Sometimes a student may need to stay late or return to campus early.  If a student finds themself in one of those circumsatnces, they can follow the instructions below to request access to their assigned building and room for part of or the entire break.


Prior to the start of each break, there will be a link ton the Housing Portal for students seeking break housing. Follow these instructions to submit a request:

Self Service

Student Services/Financial Aid Tab

Residence Life

Housing Portal

Email from Director of Residence Life regarding Spring Break 2014:

Dear On-campus Resident,

Hello from the Office of Residence Life!  We hope your spring semester is going well and that you are looking forward to your upcoming Spring Break. 


I am writing to inform you that the residence halls will close at 12:00 p.m. on Sunday, March 16. This date differs from the previously advertised/posted date. Students do not need to request permission to remain on campus until Sunday the 16th. Students wishing to request housing during spring break may do so online until Wednesday, March 12th at 4:30 p.m. by accessing the Housing Portal by following the steps below:

  • Self service
  • Student Services/Financial Aid tab
  • Residence Life
  • Housing Portal


As you prepare for Spring Break closing, all residents are required to complete the following closing procedures:

  • Clean your room (i.e. remove trash/clean out personal refrigerators)
  • Remove any items that may spoil over break (i.e. milk, bread, etc.)
  • Close and lock all windows
  • Pull down and close blinds
  • Turn off all lights
  • Close and lock room door
  • Last person to leave, sign the "We're Outta Here" form and place on the outside of the bedroom or apartment door


On-campus housing will re-open on Sunday, March 23 at Noon.

Please email if you have any questions prior to closing weekend. University Police can also be reached at 570-941-7888 and 7777(emergency) over the weekend if you need assistance from the Residence Life staff. Please be safe during the upcoming days and travel safely during your semester break.





Brad Troy

Interim Director, Office of Residence Life

The University of Scranton