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University of Scranton Partnership with County of Lackawanna Transit System

University of Scranton Partnership with County of Lackawanna Transit System

The University of Scranton has contracted with the County of Lackawanna Transit System (COLTS) to give students, faculty and staff access to all 31 COLTS routes. Through the COLTS Campus Connections service, members of the University community are able to ride all COLTS buses for free with their Royal Cards.    

The extensive COLTS network gives our campus community access to shopping, dining, entertainment, attractions and other area colleges. It also provides transportation options for internships, community service and employment. COLTS buses run Monday-Saturday. There is no services on Sundays.

This partnership with COLTS also furthers the University’s Jesuit and Catholic mission to promote sustainability. When students, faculty and staff take the bus instead of driving it reduces campus parking needs, decreases congestion on busy streets and supports public transportation.   

Bus Routes & Stops

Service Area

COLTS currently provides 29 bus routes serving Lackawanna County.  For route maps and schedules visit the COLTS website at:  You can also contact COLTS at 570-346-2061 for information and trip planning assistance.

Campus Information Center

Key Route maps and schedules are also available in the DeNaples Center in the Mulberry Street Entrance Lobby and the Mulberry Street Café in Montrone Hall.

Routes that Service the Campus Directly

46: Mall Circulator

Students can get to Wegman's via the #46 Mall Circulator. Students should take the #43 Viewmont/Bangor ot the #45 Viewmont Express to the Mall, then transfer to the #46 Mall Circulator at the Viewmont Mall.

53: Marywood/U of S Bus

Connects the University of Scranton with Lackawanna College, the Commonwealth Medical College, Marywood University and the Marketplace at Steamtown.  Operates Monday through Friday from 7:25 AM to 6:00 PM.

71: Evening City Circle North

Connects the University of Scranton with the three local hospitals, Marywood University, the Mall at Steamtown, the Viewmont Mall and Walmart. Operates Monday through Friday from 7:00 PM to 12:52 AM.

73: Saturday Night Special

Connects the University of Scranton with downtown destinations (Courthouse Square, Shops & Restaurants, Iron Horse Movie Bistro, Marketplace at Steamtown), Viewmont Mall, Walmart, Target, and IMAX Theater/Kohls. Operates Saturdays from 5:00 PM to 1:00 AM.  This service only operates during the academic year.

18: Petersburg

Connects with Nay Aug Park and the Geisinger Community Health Center Hospital.  Operates Monday through Friday from 6:05 AM to 6:25 PM. This also operates Saturdays from 7:45 AM to 5:25 PM.

99: Minooka/Montage

Service to the Shoppes at Montage. Limited schedule, please for schedules. 

Other Key Routes

  • 43: Viewmont Mall from The Transit Hub
  • 45: Viewmont Mall Express
  • 44: Viewmont Mall/Bangor
  • 46: Mall Circulator (as of Mar. 2012)
  • 72: Evening City Circle South

Bus Stops on Campus

Mulberry St. at DeNaples Center Entrance 

  • 53 Marywood/U of S: Outbound to Marywood University 
  • 18 Petersburg: Outbound to Geisinger CMC Hospital & Nay Aug Park
  • 50 Shopper's Special to Gerrity's/Keyser Oak Shopping Center and Wegmans

Mulberry St. Crosswalk at the Montrone Hall Mulberry Street Café

  • 53 Marywood/U of S: to downtown Scranton and the Marketplace at Steamtown
  • 18 Petersburg: to downtown Scranton and the Marketplace at Steamtown
  • 73 Saturday Night Special: to downtown Scranton and Viewmont Mall destinations.

Corner at Quincy Avenue and Mulberry Street

  • 71 Evening City Circle North: to Marywood University, local hospitals, the Viewmont Mall and Walmart. 

Downtown Transit Hub

All COLTS routes originate and end at the Lackawanna Transit Center, located at 30 Lackawanna Avenue, about two blocks from the Marketplace at Steamtown. This is known as the Trasit Hub. Martz and Greyhound are conveniently located in the same building. You can also ride the 53 Marywood/U of S Bus or 18 Petersburg bus from our campus to the downtown transit hub. 

Tips for Riding the Bus

Stand at the Bus Stop: All COLTS bus stops, including the two on the University’s campus, are marked by white signs bearing the COLTS logo in blue. The signs indentify and the numbers of the route(s) that are serviced at that particular stop. 

Show your Royal Card: As you board the bus show your Royal Card – this is necessary to indicate you are participating in this free bus service. 

Exit the Bus: On each bus there is a cord that you pull above the window to alert the driver that you want to get off the bus at the next stop.If you don’t know exactly when or where to get off, tell the driver where you are going and ask him or her to tell you when the bus arrives there.

Bus Stops: Buses can stop at some corner intersections in addition to designated stops.  Tell your bus driver where you want to go and they will do their best to accommodate you. 

Rider Etiquette: Always allow riders to exit the bus before you board.  If the bus is crowded be sure that senior citizens, riders with young children or riders with disabilities are able to sit toward the front of the bus. 

Bus Capacity: The bus capacity is limited to a maximum of 20 passengers so students should plan any group travel accordingly.

Questions:  If you get confused, please note that 24 of the routes stop at the Mall at Steamtown.

Emergency Situations: In emergency situations if you are in Scranton, call 570-941-7888 and ask for the Royal Ride Safety Escort Van to transport you back to campus. Outside of Scranton, you can call McCarthy Cab at 570-344-5000.


Contact COLTS by visiting, calling 570-346-2061 or emailing  

COLTS Color Map of all routes

Key Routes (Check COLTS web site for a complete listing of all routes)

53 Marywood/U of S Route

71: Evening City Circle Route

Route 6 Viewmont Mall Shuttle

45: Viewmont Mall Express

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