Property Insurance

  • The Office of Residence Life details information related to on-campus housing personal property expectations in the Housing Contract, Student Handbook, and during Orientation presentations.
  • The Residence Hall and Food Service Agreement specifically states “A Resident Agrees: To assume all responsibility for personal belongings.  The UNIVERSITY does not assume responsibility for damage or loss to RESIDENTS’ belongings, regardless of cause.”
  • The Student Handbook lists in the section entitled – Loss or Theft of Personal Property Section under Residence Life and Housing – “The University is not liable for the loss or theft of a resident’s personal property from any cause whatsoever.  Insurance companies offer renter’s policies and some home owner’s insurance covers student’s property while living away from home.”
  • During first-year and transfer summer orientation, students and their families are encouraged to consider purchasing renter’s insurance and/or confirm personal home owner’s insurance coverage for their student’s personal property.
  • Because the University of Scranton is not responsible for any damage to a student’s personal property, students should consider purchasing renters insurance to protect their personal property in the event that it is damaged, destroyed or stolen.  Families should check their home owner’s insurance policy or contact their insurance agent to see if renters insurance is the best choice for their student.  This online resource from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners details the value of renter’s insurance: