Wellness at Home


Taking Care of Your Health and Well-being During the COVID-19 Pandemic

As we establish new routines and navigate challenges, it can be difficult to maintain our health and well-being. With social distancing in place, it has changed the way we study, socialize, and how we take care of ourselves. The Center for Health Education & Wellness has developed virtual Weekly Wellness Classes and compiled online resources to promote well-being and provide opportunities to connect remotely with each other through wellness activities. 

CHEW's Weekly Wellness Classes Open to Students, Faculty & Staff- 

Class details and Zoom codes are on Royal Sync or email chew@scranton.edu


Online Health & Wellness Resources 

Transitioning to Remote Learning

  • How to work from home and still be productive- Cleveland Clinic Click Here 
  • Working from Home: Tips for Productivity, Mental Health, and Staying Healthy- OHS (Occupational Health & Safety)  Click Here 
  • Caring for Yourself at Home- CDC   Click Here 
  • 10 Tips for Eating Healthy when you’re working from home- How to keep your nutrition in check when your home is your officeCleveland ClinicClick Here

Emotional Wellness

  • NAMI-Coronavirus Mental Health Coping Strategies- Click Here   
  • 5 Ways to Manage Stress During the Corona Virus Outbreak from the Cleveland Health Clinic -Click Here 
  • Anxiety Gone Viral- Staying calm and connected in uncertain times - Click Here 
  • Tips for Emotional Resilience During The Coronavirus Crisis Click Here
  • Taking Care of your Emotional Wellness CDC  Click Here
  • Happiness Lab - Psychology and the Good  (Laurie Santos at Yale University) Click Here 

    Additional COVID-19 Podcasts from YALE- 

    • Coronavirus BONUS: Rising to a Challenge 
    • Coronavirus BONUS: Coach Yourself Through a Crisis 
    • Coronavirus BONUS: Beat Your Isolation Loneliness 

Physical Wellness

  • Join us for one of CHEW's Weekly Wellness Classes (Live and Recorded Options)
    • Energizing Yoga Classes filmed and uploaded weekly on CHEW's YouTube page 
    • Yoga Flow Live via Zoom- Tuesdays at 12:15 pm (Check RoyalSync for Zoom meeting invite)
    • Mindfulness Meditation Live via Zoom- Mondays at 5:00 pm (Check Royal Sync for Zoom meeting invite)
    • Circuit Training: Join Peer Health Educator Andrew for step-by-step circuit training instruction designed to strengthen different muscle groups each week. Videos posted to CHEW's Instagram Page each Wednesday and Sunday
  • Maintaining Physical Activity During COVID-19 and Social Distancing- APTA  Click Here
  • Staying Physically Active During COVID-19- ACSM- Click Here
  • Exercise is Medicine-ACSM- Click Here
  • Remain Physically active During self-quarantine- World Health Organization  Click Here
  • Why Walk? Why Not! The Importance of Walking- CDC Click Here
  • American Heart Association

Ergonomics While Working from Home

  • Office Ergonomics- Mayo Clinic Click Here 
  • Stretches to do at your desk-Mayo Clinic Click Here 
  • Coronavirus Ergonomic- Tips for working at home  Click Here
  • Back Exercises in 15 minutes a Day - Mayo Clinic Click Here 

Maintaining Balance & Self Care

  • Work-life Balance: Tips to reclaim control  Mayo Clinic- Click Here
  • Micro-moments of Self-care - Welcoa Click Here
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