Facts & Figures

The effectiveness of University of Scranton psychology is demonstrated in part by the following achievements:

  • Annual surveys of our graduating seniors show widespread satisfaction. For instance, in Spring 2019, our psychology seniors rated the overall program an average of 3.5 (out of 4.0).

  • A notable proportion of our graduates go on to earn Ph.D. programs in psychology. Research at Franklin and Marshall College shows that Scranton ranked 24th out of 254 comparable four-year, private institutions as the baccalaureate source of Ph.D.s in Psychology.

  • Our students' knowledge of psychology is well above the national average. This is reflected in their performance on the ETS Major Field Achievement Test in Psychology. Compared to other institutions, Scranton students score at the 75th percentile on the psychology achievement test.

  • Psychology majors conduct and present research at an exceptional rate. In 2018 - 2019, for example, 41 psychology and neuroscience undergraduates co-presented a paper or poster with psychology faculty.

  • About half of Scranton psychology students complete an internship for academic credit, and about a third serve as Teaching Assistants for psychology courses.

  • An indirect measure of instructional and faculty quality are awards bestowed by independent bodies.  Drs. John Norcross and Timothy Cannon were honored as the Pennsylvania Professor of the Year by the Carnegie Foundation.  Drs. Bryan Burnham, Christie Karpiak, and Jessica Nolan  each received Provost Teaching Awards in recent years.