Integrated Data Analysis

The new Integrated Data Analysis Concentration will enable students of all majors to develop data literacy and apply data science to their major field of study. The goal of IDA is not to create the next generation of data scientists, but to cultivate data-competent scholars in fields which may or may not traditionally be empirically oriented. 

Course # Course Title Year Department
CMPS 134 Computer Science I + Lab 1 Computer Science
DS 201 Introduction to Data Science 2 Math
PHIL 214 Computers and Ethics 2 Philosophy

One of:

1. PSYC 210

2. PSYC 211 & PSYC 212

3. DS 210

4. MATH 204

5. MATH 310

6. STAT 251

7. BIOL 379

One of the following:

1. Statistics in Behavioral Sciences

2. Research Methods and Statistical Analysis

3. Mathematical Methods for Data Science

4. Introduction to Statistics

5. Applied Probability and Mathematical Statistics

6. Statistics for Business

7. Biostatistics








Operations & Infor Management


Advanced  Content Course 3 credits of upper-level content in the student’s major or another program of study, as approved by Concentration Coordinator 3 or 4 In student’s major or in another program of study