Psychology Student Organizations

The 3 department student organizations are Psychology Club, Psi Chi, and Association for Psychological Science Student Caucus.
  • The Psychology Club is open to any university student interested in psychology.  Annual events include a freshman welcome fall picnic, community service projects, and social events in the department.
  • Psi Chi is the International Honor Society in Psychology.  Each year Psi Chi organizes an initiation dinner and a trip to a regional psychology convention.
  • APSSC promotes critical thinking and discussion of topics related to psychology.  Each year APSSC co-sponsors NEPA's Kids Judge! Neuroscience Fair and helps with the annual Brain Bee competition. 

2019-2020 Student Organization Officers 


Psychology Club

Psi Chi


President - Michael Diana

President - Emma Long

President - Nicole DiSanto

Vice President - Nicole DiSanto

Vice President - Nicole DiSanto

Vice President - Emma Long

Treasurer - Charlotte Hacker

Treasurer - Michael Diana

Secretary - Emma Long