Student Organizations

The Psychology Department boasts three student organizations:

colorful illustration of human brain

The club is open to any university student interested in psychology.  Annual events include a freshman welcome fall picnic, community service projects, and social events in the department. The 2021-2022 officers are:

  • Koebe S. Diaz, president
  • Yara Elsaadany, vice president
  • Emma C. Nessel, treasurer
  • Maria Rocha, secretary



Psi Chi logo

Psi Chi is the International Honor Society in Psychology, founded in 1929.

The Scranton chapter was established in 1969 and has remained active since then. Students must be a declared major or minor in psychology, rank in the top 35th percentile in general scholarship, and show superior scholarship in psychology. 

Applications are accepted once a year, in September and early October, and calls for nominations are posted in the Psychology Department, on Royal News, and in the Aquinas.  Please refer to our Membership Requirements section for details.

Each year Psi Chi organizes an initiation dinner and a trip to a regional psychology convention. The 2021-22 officers are:

  • Claire Carrera, president
  • Tiannah Adams, vice president
  • Koebe Diaz, secretary

APSSC logo

The University's student caucus of the Association for Psychological Science promotes critical thinking and discussion of topics related to psychology.  Each year APSSC co-sponsors NEPA's Kids Judge! Neuroscience Fair and helps with the annual Brain Bee competition. The 2021-22 officers will be announced as the semester progresses.