Psychology Facilities

The Department has over 3,500 feet of dedicated research space across Alumni Memorial Hall (AMH), Loyola Science Center (LSC), and the Institute for Molecular Biology and Medicine (IMBM).

This includes computer-based laboratories for biopsychology, developmental, clinical, human electrophysiology, information processing, psycholinguistic, and social psychology research. Environmentally-controlled animal facilities and neuroscience laboratories are housed in LSC.

Psychology is at the forefront of computer applications.  We have more than 50 Pentium-based computers connected through a high speed network to the University’s main computer, laser and color printers, and other input/output devices.  This network allows ready access to wordprocessing, statistical packages, computer-assisted instruction, graphics, data analysis, and library research. 

Our Department has a computer laboratory equipped with 8 PC stations, two mediated classrooms, and one mediated seminar room.


Alumni Memorial Hall


Loyola Science Center

Alumni Memorial Hall Seminar Room

Loyola Science Center Behavioral Neuroscience Lab