Virtual Activities and Resources

The University of Scranton is pleased to offer new virtual ways to connect with K-12 students during this time of physical distancing by providing virtual resources. Below you can view our collection of videos, projects, and activities that will be continuously updated. 

Science Videos for Kids

Is you student curious about the natural world? Did they ever wonder why the leaves change colors or how lava lamps work?

Kids can explore the fascinating world of science with Scranton Magis students in these fun and educations videos on a variety of topics! Students from the Scranton Magis Honor Program in STEM created a series of videos to engage students with science topic while having fun. 

Visit our Science Videos for Kids Library to see the videos. 

Animal Introductions in the Loyola Science Center

Join with Scranton Magis students on a virtual visit to the Loyola Science Center. You'll meet some of the animals that call our campus home and more about their behaviors and habitats. 

See more videos in the Science Videos for Kids Library


Scranton Story Time

story-time-photo-small.jpgJoin University of Scranton students for virtual story time. Dress up as your favorite character, bring your imagination, and get ready for fun! 

University of Scranton students in collaboration with the Center for Service and Social Justice are offering free videos and online resources for children during this time of physical distancing. 

Visit our Scranton Story Time Library to explore all of the stories. Please keep checking for additional videos and resources. 

Dress Up as Your Favorite Character & Join Sleeping Beauty for Celebrating You by M. H. Clark

Aurora loves seeing her friends to share a good story. Dress up like your favorite character, collect your supplies, and join Bailey to celebrate and create!


Activity Supplies List: paper, something to write with (markers, crayons, pencils), stamps, stickers, glitter,  and anything fun to decorate your creation!

See more videos in the Scranton Story Time Library

Virtual Integrated Art Lessons for 3rd - 5th Graders

school-image.jpgJoin University of Scranton students from Education 339 as they present virtual integrated art lessons for 3rd - 5th graders on fun and exciting topics. You can learn more about the history of art, different art movements, and how mathematical concepts can be used to better understand and create works of art. Bring your creativity and join in the fun! Explore all the videos in the Integrated Art Lesson Library.


Learn more about the art movement Pointillism and painter Georges Seurat with Christiana Wood'21 

Materials for art activity: paints, q-tips, paint brushes, pencils and paper

See More Videos in the Integrated Art Lesson Library

Exercise and Wellness Videos for Kids

The University of Scranton Department of Physical Therapy can help you stretch, move, and stay healthy during this time at home with videos for kids in grades k - 2 and 3 - 5. Join students from The University of Scranton's Physical Therapy Program for a well balanced exercise program for home, fun play outside, and for tips on how to stay healthy and strong. Explore all the videos in the Exercise and Wellness Videos for Kids Library

Warm Up & Stretch with Vanessa Zimmerman

See More Videos in the Exercise and Wellness Videos for Kids Library

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