Science Videos for Kids Library

plant-science-small.pngIs you student curious about the natural world? Did they ever wonder why the leaves change colors or how lava lamps work?

Kids can explore the fascinating world of science with Scranton Magis students in these fun and educations videos on a variety of topics! Students from the Scranton Magis Honor Program in STEM created a series of videos to engage students with science topic while having fun. 

 View our Science Videos for Kids Library below. Please keep checking back for updates and new videos. 

Why is the sky blue?

Magis Outreach students Jackie Savage and Cam Shedlock explain why the sky is blue!

Trees, leaves, and seasons, oh my!

Magis Outreach students Alex Kidd, Lizz Ridge, and Michael Samulevich explain the leaf cycle of trees at Nay Aug Park!

Bubble chemistry!

Magis Outreach students Molly Elkins, Sarah Liskowicz, and Jacob Myers discuss the chemistry of making bubbles!

Entomology: The study of insects!

Magis Outreach students Justine Duva, Dylan Estevez, Mike Laabs, and Meg McGrath investigate the local insects of Scranton, PA.

Lava lamps and density!

Magis Outreach students Tabitha Berger, Elena Donato, Fione Evans, Hannah Maynard, and Karlee Ruth make homemade lava lamps by taking advantage of the densities of water and oil.

The magic milk experiment

Magis Outreach students Angie Hudock, Taylor Moglia, Jenna O’Malley, Michael Quinnan, and Danica Sinson conduct the fun and artsy "Magic Milk Experiment."

Walking water: Adhesion and cohesion

Magis Outreach students Julia Turnak and Sarah White demonstrate the adhesive and cohesive properties of water!

Animal Introductions in the Loyola Science Center

Magis Honors students Cloe Capalongo, Katie Regan, Nathan Smith, Cayman Webber, and Daniel Zych introduce the animals that live in the Loyal Science Center at The University of Scranton.

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