Government Internships



This internship program is a collaboration of the Office of Community and Government Relations, the Department of Political Science, and The Gerard R. Roche Center for Career Development. It aims to connect students from a variety of academic disciplines to internships in the public sector, including local, state and federal government bodies.
Below are listings of internship opportunities primarily located within walking distance of campus, in downtown Scranton. 

LOCAL: City of Scranton

City of Scranton

This internship program is a special collaboration between the Office of Community and Government Relations and the City of Scranton, to provide our students with meaningful internship opportunities in local government and to assist the City in key offices that contribute to Scranton’s ongoing revitalization.

Office of The Mayor Internship

This internship in the Office of the Mayor of the City of Scranton will put you at the center of activity within the City. You will have the chance to work closely with the Mayor and her staff in a dynamic and challenging environment, with the chance to make a real impact on the local community.The intern will be under the general supervision of the Mayor and her Confidential Secretary, and in certain instances, the City Solicitor.

Information Technology Department Internship

Through this internship in the Information Technology Department of the City of Scranton, you will have the opportunity to observe and engage in nearly every level of making the City’s critical data and technology functions run smoothly. This hands on opportunity is unique in its breadth and depth, as well as offering experience in many of the special considerations that IT applications have within government and the public sector more broadly. The intern will be under the general supervision of the Director of the Department of Information Technology and his Deputy.

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Business Administrator’s Office Internship

 This unpaid internship in the Office of the Business Administrator of the City of Scranton will provide hands-on experience with public sector finance with a special focus on accounting. The intern(s) will assist in tasks related to maintaining the budget and accounting programs affecting City-wide financial operations. Under general supervision by the Business Administrator and other City of Scranton staff, the intern will perform a variety of accounting and financial analysis tasks involving the development and maintenance of accounting systems affecting City-wide and/or multi departments. All tasks will be performed in accordance with law, ordinance, and City policy.

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Office Of Economic And Community Development Internship

This internship in the Office of Economic and Community Development (OECD) within the City of Scranton will provide hands-on experience with economic development in a broad range of areas, such as housing, planning, business development, and data processing. OECD has a number of constituent programs that come under the Office’s general umbrella, and so the intern will have the opportunity to work with a variety of professionals and engage in a series of unique tasks. The intern will be under the general supervision of the Executive Director and Deputy Director of the Office of Economic and Community Development.

Law Department Internship

 Through this internship in the Law Department of the City of Scranton, you will have the opportunity to observe and engage in nearly every level of the legal process from the drafting of legislation to its defense in Court. You will participate in a wide range of office activities and have the chance to join the City Solicitor in meetings with other City staff, community stakeholders, as well as accompanying the City Solicitor to and helping him prepare for Court appearances.

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Office of City Council/City Clerk Internship

The internship within the Office of Scranton City Council/City Clerk will provide direct access to the function of the legislative body of the City.  You will have the opportunity to work closely with the City Clerk, his/her staff and with the Councilpersons and their Solicitor; as well as interaction with City Administrative offices and the general public.  The intern will be under the general supervision of the City Clerk and his/her Executive Assistant. The intern will produce a 2-3 page “Memo” by the end of the internship that addresses one of three issues: 1) City-University collaboration; 2) Student-specific concerns or ideas; or 3) Addresses a City problem/opportunity.

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STATE: Commonwealth Of Pennsylvania

Elected Officials


PA State Flag

Attorney General Josh Shapiro - Bureau of Consumer Protection

The Bureau of Consumer Protection mediates and investigates consumer complaints. It takes legal action against companies that engage in unfair or deceptive business practices in cases where a lawsuit by the Attorney General serves the public interest and benefits the citizens of the Commonwealth.

State Senator, John Blake (D-22nd District) Internship

In the Scranton office of State Senator John Blake, interns take on special projects related to the Senator’s work in Northeastern Pennsylvania. The Senator serves on a number of committees, including Finance, Appropriations, Community, Economic and Recreational Development, Environmental Resources and Energy, Local Government and Urban Affairs and Housing. To apply to this internship, send a resume and cover letter to Larry West, Regional Director at

FEDERAL: U.S. House Of Representatives

& U.S. Senate



Representative, Matt Cartwright (D-PA 8th District) Internship

In Rep. Cartwright’s Scranton, Pennsylvania office, interns may be asked to do a variety of things, including day-to-day office work such as answering phones, writing letters andassisting with media clips. In addition, interns may be assigned to assist in various constituent case work or work on District-based projects of importance. 

Senator, Robert P. Casey (D-PA) Internship


Senator Casey is pleased to offer internships in his Washington, D.C. and Pennsylvania offices to undergraduate and graduate students during the spring, summer and fall semesters. Interns will gain first-hand knowledge of the legislative process and of the daily operations of a Senate office by working with constituents and staff on issues affecting Pennsylvania. While our office welcomes all applicants, preference will be given to candidates with a Pennsylvania background. Press and legislative internships, along with the Sullivan and Higginbotham internship, are only available in the DC office. Constituent services internships are available in the State offices.

Senator Pat Toomey, (R-PA) Internship

Senator Toomey offers internships in all of his Senate offices throughout the year.Internships are unpaid and are open to all Pennsylvania college-age students. Aninternship in one of our offices provides Pennsylvania students the opportunity to learnmore about the federal government, the legislative process and the responsibilities of aU.S. senator. State office interns will experience more direct constituent contact throughphone duties, answering constituent mail, helping constituents solve problems withfederal agencies, and attending town hall meetings and community events with theSenator's outreach staff. We encourage applicants who are motivated and interested ingovernment and public service. The internship program is designed to provide theknowledge, skills, and tools that will assist an intern in all future professional endeavors.Send a resume and cover letter to Nancy Gudino at:

Campaign and Political Party Internships


Pennsylvania Republican Party

The Republican Party of Pennsylvania is currently seeking motivated high school and college students interested in an exciting and fast-paced internship. 

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Pennsylvania Democratic Party

The Pennsylvania Coordinated Campaign is seeking intelligent, hardworking interns to assist with voter outreach, party building and to help elect Democrats across the Commonwealth.

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United States District Court Middle District of Pennsylvania Internship

Responsible clerical, administrative or technical experience which provided a knowledge of general office procedures and practices such as data entry, filing, record keeping. Experience with WordPerfect 10 and above, familiarity with database management concepts, and experience with research over the Internet.


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Scully Scholars Program

The purpose of the Scully Scholars Program is to provide University of Scranton students with financial assistance to pursue summer internships in public policy and to honor the memory of long-time professor of history and political science, Timothy H. Scully. 

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Following a statewide competition, selected applicants are recognized at an annual awards banquet at the Governor's Residence and are assigned to intern with state agencies in Pennsylvania's capital city each summer, while receiving a stipend. The Summer 2017 competition is now open. For more information, visit the Finnegan Foundation's website here.

Internship Contacts and Resources

Office of Community and Government Relations: If you are interested in an internship, please contact the Office of Community and Government Relations at or 570-941-5529. The Office tracks student participation in these internships and in the case of the City of Scranton programs, acts as the resume collector before they are sent on to the prospective office. 

Political Science Department: Contact the Political Science Department if you are a political science major seeking credit for the internship. 

Center for Career Development: This Center can provide you with career counseling and internship resources, including resume writing, cover letter writing, interviewing skills and more.